Reopenings. Borders, Italy ready for the challenge. Mobility, the Regions are divided


The governors of the South still trample but now more than anything else to stage. Because apart from the president of Campania De Luca, the others between a muttering and the other have been convinced by the hoteliers that if they continue to make manfrine and even impose unacceptable conditions – such as the health passport that Sardinia wanted but also gave up because it would be unconstitutional – tourists from the North will not they arrive in their regions. And summer passes dry: no money and more total desolation. It should? Of course not.

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And then someone’s line, for example of Donato Toma, president of Molise, is to wait a little longer: “It takes prudence, some regions do not have the parameters in order. I would have waited a little longer to reopen interregional mobility, not the 3 June but a week later ». The Tuscan president, Enrico Rossi, in turn says to the government: «Greater caution was needed. Reopening for everyone is a mistake. I am not convinced that Lombardy should be reopened on entry and exit “.

Minister Boccia called the various presidents one by one and his moral suasion had some results. Although the thorn remains De Luca, whom some ministers call “the flamethrower” and do not like its protagonism. The president from Campania is the one who observes: “You really don’t understand the merit reasons that can motivate a general opening measure and the non-limitation of mobility even for provinces still heavily affected by the infection”. In short, the governor of Campania is afraid of the arrival of the Bergamo and Milanese on holiday. «They can come to Positano and other places. But if in certain parts of Italy for a month in a row there are more than 200 cases of contagion per day, it would be reasonable to limit mobility “. And the president of Campania is talking about Lombardy. Who does not think about quarantine but will have a fever measured and will have “rapid tests” at the toll booths, at stations and at airports for anyone who wants to set foot in Campania. And anyway, if someone is positive, he ends up in quarantine, because the Regions have this possibility even if for now it is a weapon that no one seems willing to use.

Not even De Luca basically chooses the head-on collision with the government. He and all the others are not totally convinced of the Rome line but adapt with more or less momentum (the Venetian Zaia seems the most peaceful, Fontana is on the thorns instead). Michele Emiliano (Puglia) shifts the controversy with the government from the reopening to another theme and does so: “Very serious that they deny us the vote in July for the Regionals”.

Meanwhile Jole Santelli (Calabria) has also proposed a Calabrian dinner with the governors of the North, to mitigate the controversy of recent days. While Sicily should reopen on June 7th. Always on the line of caution, the Lazio Region with Zingaretti who never argued with the government. And his Councilor for Health, D’Amato, the most he pushes is this: “There is too much pressure because the North is going again, it is necessary to rely on scientific evidence”.

The reopening obstacle – not “leopard-like”, as the Northern Regions have always asked for – seems short enough. The 3 starts all together. But there is certainly no atmosphere of tranquility. What if the virus starts again? Then the closure will be automatic in the affected areas.

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