Reopening, restaurants and bar tables: termoscanner obligation


Reopening, restaurants and bar tables: termoscanner obligation

The government reopening guidelines change for the fourth time at the suggestion of the cts. Self-certification disappears, masks, gloves, sanitization, distances remain, where reservations and names can be kept for 14 days, attention to recycling. No quarantine in the Schengen area. In the 24 sectors considered, adequate information on prevention measures will be necessary, which can also be understood by customers of other nationalities.

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Everywhere the detection of body temperature “is strongly recommended” also for customers. in restaurants, Cafe, pizzerias, canteens, bars the use of the thermoscanner is mandatory for those who eat at the table. The self-service buffet is forbidden, but this mode is possible through administration by staff in charge, excluding the possibility for customers to touch the above and providing for the obligation to maintain the distance and the obligation to wear a mask; It is also possible for the manager to offer packaged or sealed single-portion products for breakfast (jams in airtight mini-jars, packs of cheese or rusks), with methods that allow an orderly flow to the buffet respectful of interpersonal distancing.

In the bathing establishments and beaches, the staff have been accompanied to the umbrella by the staff of the establishment who will have to encourage, as far as possible, the extension of the shaded areas to prevent gatherings, especially during the hottest hours. Spacing between umbrellas of at least 10 m2, regardless of how the beach is set up (for horizontal or rhombus rows).

In campsites, in the case of occupancy of more than 70% of the pitches without toilets in the structure (thus excluding mobile homes, bungalows and pitches with private bathrooms), cleaning and disinfection will be carried out at least 3 times a day.
In the rooms for personal services (hairdressers, beauticians, tattoo artists and piercers, tanning centers and massage centers) where “massage for the couple” beds are placed, the arrangement of the beds must be regulated in order to guarantee constant distance maintenance at least 1 meter. The tanning shower between one customer and the next must be ventilated and the control keyboard must also be cleaned and disinfected. The customer accesses the tanning shower equipped with appropriate footwear for the context, equipped with a mask to protect the airways during the massage. On the tanning beds and for the massage the structure provides the customer with everything needed for the service. Massage without gloves is allowed, as long as the operator before and after each client proceeds with washing and disinfection of the hands and forearm and in any case, during the massage, the face, nose, mouth and eyes are never touched. In particular, for aesthetic services, for tattoo artists and piercers, in providing the service that requires a close distance, the operator must wear the FFP2 protective visor and mask without valve. Where present, the use of the sauna and the Turkish bath are inhibited.

In shops and travel agencies for purchases with independent choice and handling of the product by the customer, hand disinfection is mandatory before handling the goods. Alternatively, disposable gloves must be made available to customers to use compulsorily.

In public offices with a high influx of customers / external users, the front office activity can only be carried out in dedicated workstations equipped with glass or protective walls and the operator must always disinfect his hands after each service rendered to the customer / user. .
In the changing rooms and showers of the swimming pools (and gyms), reorganize the spaces and to ensure the distances of at least 1 meter, provide alternate or separate use posts separated by special barriers. The crowding density in the tank is calculated with an index of 7 m2 of water surface per person. The use of a swimming cap is mandatory and very young children are required to wear containment diapers. In gyms during physical activity (with particular attention to intense activity) the distance between athletes must be at least two meters.


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