Reopening of the Regions, the no front against Lombardy


Minus 4 at the reopening of the borders between regions and at the end of the restrictions on mobility in Italy and the “no front” continues to make its voice heard, also strong in data that insist on representing a Lombardy case. Even today, the territory most affected by the pandemic records 53% of the newly infected and 60% of the victims, on a day in which well 11 regions, on the other hand, do not report deaths.

The government continues dialogue with the presidents with Minister Francesco Boccia and no line changes are expected, but the governor of Campania Vincenzo De Luca attacks: «We don’t understand why a generalized opening». In particular, some regions of central-southern Italy and the islands of Sicily and Sardinia are lined up with them, recipients of huge flows of summer tourism. De Luca goes even further. “One has the feeling that for the umpteenth time decisions are being made not on the basis of simple and objective criteria – he says – but on the basis of various kinds of pressures and pressures”. Economic interests, the political weight of Lombardy and its tourist flows, it seems to understand. “If my region still had a high level of contagion – says De Luca – I would not hesitate to ask, for a duty of national responsibility, a limitation of mobility for my fellow citizens”.

Level of contagion that is falling in Lombardy – the new positives are falling today – but not so quickly. Still in the last 24 hours there are 221 infected out of 416 in total in Italy and 67 out of 111 victims. A reality increasingly distant from most of the rest of the country, with six regions with zero new infections in the latest survey: Abruzzo, Umbria, Sardinia, Molise, Calabria and Basilicata. And on Monday in Lombardy swimming pools and gyms will be reopened, with the risk of new infections.

Of the other northern regions only Veneto with 10 victims today records a figure on double-digit victims. Hence Boccia’s ongoing dialogue with the Regions, in an attempt to mediate with the No front and avoid any restrictive orders in view of the reopening of June 3, which the government could then be forced to challenge. Among the hypotheses circulated to mitigate the risks of returning to total mobility in the country there are the “self-denunciation” of those coming from regions that are still highly contagious and thea possibility for those who welcome them to put them in quarantine, even reduced.

The former is excluded from sources close to Boccia, while quarantine could be allowed in local emergency situations. De Luca, “frontman” of the no, would have liked “a limitation of mobility at least for the provinces still heavily affected by the infection. We will adopt, without hysteria, rapid checks and tests – he promises – to prevent new epidemic outbreaks as far as possible ».

The government has decided on the generalized and homogeneous reopening throughout the national territory, as in the case of the production activities restarted in May. But Health Minister Roberto Speranza has made it clear that the data will be monitored until the last day before the reopening between the regions and if they should indicate a still worrying trend, interventions are not excluded. A new State-Regions videoconference may be convened in the next few days. And it will be long days before the Italians can return to move freely in their country.