Reopening between regions, Rossi: “I don’t understand why treat Lombardy like the others”


Enrico Rossi
Enrico Rossi
Florence, 30 May 2020 – «So it seems that all Italy will be reopened. If so, all I can do is adapt. But I am not convinced. I wonder why Lombardy, which has a much higher level of contagion than other regions, should be treated like the others, with the risk of putting the contagions around again. Perhaps more prudence would have been appropriate for the Lombards and for all Italians “.

The president of the Tuscany Region Enrico Rossi wrote it on facebook. «I am not a sheriff, nor do I want to tell nonsense about impossible health licenses – adds Rossi -, but seeing Fontana and also Sala so pushed towards the reopening, after the disaster that in Lombardy has had its epicenter, leaves me amazed and disappointed . Who knows if he would have done the same if instead of Lombardy there had been other regions, perhaps in the South.».

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