Renewal and maxi clause: Napoli locks Zielinski, Gattuso’s plans for the ‘new Hamsik’ | First page


Piotr Zielinski and Napoli, still together. As anticipated by, it is now only a matter of (small) details the renewal of the contract of the Polish midfielder, who turns 26 today. Deadline extended from 2021 to 2025, with an adjoining retouching of the engagement, which from the current 2 million will reach 3.5-4 per year. An important recognition: De Laurentiis has armored Zielinski and now wants to make him the “new Hamsik”: captain and blue flag, the future is outlined. For this reason, a very high termination clause will be included in the new agreement, which will also reach 100 million. Bring the ex Udinese away from Naples, in the years to come, it will be a difficult and expensive task for everyone. Inter including: the Nerazzurri club in recent months has launched courting the player, following developments closely, but without getting results.
INCURSOR – Rino Gattuso also actively contributed to the renewal of Zielinski. The coach pressed President De Laurentiis as when, on the pitch, growling in midfield. A firm point for the present and the future: too important Piotr to let him go. Also because Gattuso has learned about the player’s strengths. Its tears and transitions will be an important weapon of the new Naples, to the point that the Polish could expand his range. Mezzala, midfielder, midfielder with a license to offend: this is the plan, Zielinski will be the new incursor of Napoli. He will, in all respects, cover the role that has been Hamsik’s for many years. Waiting for the band. But there is time for that.

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