Remedy, the title of a new game leaked online –


Appeared online on first name of processing of new game of Remedy Entertainment, the study of Control and Quantum Break: BigFish. The information was learned by reading an update of the Epic Games Store (mostly of its databases) published by, in which the mysterious game appeared.

The name itself does not tell us much, but it is interesting to check the evolution of the relationship between Epic Games and Remedy, with the second being developing two games for the first, one a major triple A project for consoles and PCs, while the other a smaller scale title. Note that both will be next-gen titles and will use the Northlight Engine, owner of Remedy and not Epic Games’ Unreal Engine. So let’s expect ray tracing and other similar wonders.

Some took BigFish for the name of the game. In our opinion it is unlikely and we tend to see it as more provisory title. Whatever it is, everything can be. For now there is no other information on the game, but we expect to know more as soon as possible.

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