Relaunch Decree: the non-refundable contribution


The Relaunch Decree intervened in support of companies in difficulty following the emergency from Covid-19, with a non-refundable contribution.
Rights holders must have experienced a significant drop in revenues from 2019 to 2020.
But what are the requirements to be entitled to it? and what are the ways to obtain this contribution?

decree relaunching the contribution from the lost fundRelaunch Decree and non-refundable contribution: premise

Article. 25 of Legislative Decree 34 Legislative Decree May 19, 2020, n. 34 in G.U. on 19.05.2020 (so-called “Relaunch Decree”) introduced the possibility of obtaining a non-refundable contribution for those companies that had a drop in revenues from April 2019 to April 2020 following the spread of the epidemic from Covid 19.

The contribution is due if the drop in revenues is greater than one third and the entity varies based on the company’s 2019 turnover.

To obtain the contribution, a specific application must be submitted to the Revenue Agency electronically, the operational aspects of which will be governed by a provision of the Revenue Agency.

[Per approfondire…“Contributo a fondo perduto nel Decreto Rilancio” di Giuseppe Zambon]

Non-refundable contribution: beneficiaries

The non-refundable contribution is recognized to the subjects carrying out business activities of self-employment and of agricultural income, VAT holders.

It is necessary that these subjects have made revenues / fees in the 2019 tax period not exceeding € 5 million.


  • Subjects whose activity results ceased at the time of submission of the grant application;
  • Public bodies pursuant to art. 74 Tuit;
  • financial intermediaries, pursuant to art. 162-bis Tuir (banks / insurance companies, holding companies and industrial companies, etc.);
  • employees;
  • professionals registered with private pension funds;

  • those who have the right to receive the allowances provided for in articles 27 and 38 of Legislative Decree 18/2020 (“Italian Care Decree”).
Art. 27

Self-employed workers (“professionals”) with VAT numbers “Active” on 23.2.2020.

In Circular no. 49/2020 and in Message no. 1288, the INPS clarifies that the benefit also belongs to the participants of associated studies / simple companies with self-employed work referred to in art. 53, paragraph 1, TUIR.

These subjects must not be:

  • holders of direct pension treatment;
  • registered, at the date of submission of the application, to other compulsory social security forms.

Subjects with relationships “Active” on 23.2.2020 registered in the separate INPS management, who are not holders of direct pension treatment and who are not registered, at the date of submission of the application, with other compulsory social security forms.

Art. 38

Registered in the Pension Fund Workers of the show who

  • they are not holders of direct pension treatment;
  • have at least 30 daily contributions paid in 2019 to the aforementioned Fund, from which a 2019 income not exceeding € 50,000 derives;
  • are not holders of an employment relationship on 17.3.2020.


The non-refundable contribution is due on condition that:

  • the amount of turnover and fees for April 2020;
  • be less than 2/3 the amount of turnover and fees for April 2019.

In essence, in April 2020 there must have been a 1/3 drop in turnover compared to April 2019.

The contribution is however due regardless of the requirement of the reduction of turnover for:

  • those who started the business from 01/01/2019;
  • the subjects who, as of the date of the onset of the disaster, have their tax domicile or operational headquarters in the territory of municipalities affected by events for which the state of emergency (the illustrative report refers to the municipalities affected by seismic, flood or infrastructure collapses that led to the state of emergency resolutions).


In order to verify the turnover, the date of carrying out the operation must be considered.

With circular no. 9/2020 in reference to the drop in turnover to enjoy the extension of the payments envisaged by Legislative Decree 23/2020 the Revenue Agency …

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