Relaunch Decree, “for the layoff risk hole since June”. New cig in derogation with INPS advance, long times to start


Confirmed the promise of a breakthrough on the layoffs in derogation, which from now on will be asked not to the Regions but directly to theINPS that within 15 days will anticipate 40% of the sum due. But on the front of the ordinary cig for Covid the definitive version of the Revival decree just published in Official Journal – one week after launch in cabinet – does not solve the problem of “hole”Which is likely to open in mid-June, when many companies will end their cash weeks and they will have to wait for September to ask for more. The text then contains, as expected, the extension of the prohibition to lay off, which extends to five months from 17 March. But the unknown of the three days remained “uncovered” between the expiration of the care Italy and the entry into force of the new provision.
For cushions, asked for so far 7.2 million people, more than 18 billion are allocated in total. And the news of the last few hours is that to recover resources to cover the maxi measure from 266 articles the government funded 3 billion which had been allocated last year for bonus Epiphany with whom the payer should have been rewarded electronic money.

The ordinary cash and hole risk in June – Employers who have reduced their business due to the pandemic are given the opportunity to request another nine weeks of wage supplementation treatment or ordinary check with causal Covid, after nine granted with the treatment Italy. An appropriation of 11.5 billion arrives, which will finally unlock the remaining questions stranded due to depletion of funds. But there is another problem, he points out Vincenzo Silvestri, national adviser to the Order of Labor Consultants: “The extension provides that another 5 weeks can be requested by August 30th and the next four from September 1st as of October 31 “. Result: “The vast majority of companies, which started the cash register in March, have finished the first nine weeks already now. By immediately asking for five more, will end those too shortly after mid-June “. And at that point will remain dry, because for the new question we will have to wait for September. In the meantime, the layoffs are rightly blocked, so the company, even if struggling with a sharp drop in turnover, will have to pay employees with their own strength. The only exception is provided for companies in the sectors of tourism, exhibitions, congresses and show, who will be allowed to ask for another four weeks even before the end of August.

The news to speed up the cash in derogation… – Also for the cig in derogation the additional weeks follow the “5 + 4” scheme. The main novelty, however, lies in the process of the request and delivery, which reduces the role of the Regions guilty according to the government of excessive slowness in authorizing applications: to date less than 200 thousand beneficiaries have been paid, a fifth of those for which INPS received the extremes. From now on, the derogation treatments will be granted directly by the social security institution, “prior verification of compliance with spending limits“. The application must be submitted within 15 days of the suspension of the work activity and the INPS should authorize it and order the advance of the 40% of the authorized hours within 15 days of receiving it.

… and the risk of new delays: “Down payment not before July” – The start of the new procedure will however be anything but rapid: first (within 15 days) a interministerial decree of Labor and Economy to regulate the methods of implementation and the distribution of resources. In addition, INPS must regulatory the operating procedures of the procedure. And anyway to start the questions you will have to wait 30 days from the entry into force of the decree. According to the job consultant Enzo De Fusco, “The many companies that have already finished the 9 weeks old will not be able to submit applications before the end of June” and “it is not difficult to foresee that the payment of the down payment of the first 5 weeks only it will not arrive before mid-July. So workers also with this new procedure will have to wait two months before seeing part of the money from the layoffs. ” Moreover, with the down payment method “workers could be forced to return the sums received by INPS, given that in this phase of uncertainty the actual layoff used on the individual worker could be less than 40% of the advance payment which is calculated instead on the scheduled hours “.

The Sure fund loan process begins – The decree also starts the process for Italy’s participation in the fund sure, the temporary support tool to mitigate unemployment risks in a state of emergency which together with loans from the bei he was born in Mes it is part of the first “package” approved by the Eurogroup and European leaders. It is allocated for now a billion as “counter-“To allow Italy’s participation both in the pan-European guarantee fund of the European Investment Bank (EIB) and in Sure. The latter has available 100 billion to grant Member States interested in loans at favorable conditions and low rates with which to finance schemes such as the cig (“working time reduction schemes and similar measures, including those intended for self-employed workers”). The technical report recalls that under the regulation Member States can counter-guarantee the instrument by providing unconditional guarantees for an amount based on national income. Therefore “if Italy opts for the stipulation of the agreement, it would guarantee risks for an amount equal to 3.184 billion euros“. The Treasury must sign the guarantee agreement.

Aid from Regions and Provinces to avoid layoffs – Article 60 of Chapter II, dedicated to State aid, then establishes that also Regions and provinces they will be able to move independently to recognize subsidies with which to cover wage costs and thus avoid layoffs. The grants must have a duration of no more than one year and not exceed 80% of the gross monthly wages of the beneficiary workers.

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