“Reinventing history for propaganda purposes”


Veneto-Crisanti tampon case, the virologist: They reinvent history for propaganda purposes

It seems to me that history is being reinvented for propaganda purposes. For my part, I don’t even want to get into this squalid controversy, I am a researcher. “Andrea Crisanti, head of the Microbiology and Virology Laboratory of the Padua hospital, speaking at Adnkronos Salute it is said”really bitter“for what has become a case in these hours. A media battle that revolves around the ‘authorship’ of the Veneto model on swabs for the diagnosis of Covid-19, a successful result in the management of phase 1 of the coronavirus emergency.”Attempts to appropriate something not yours are mean“, notes Crisanti.” Obviously there is a political dividend to be collected “.

“I read that Dr. Russo”, reconstructs the virologist of the University of Padua referring to Francesca Russo, head of the Prevention Department of the Veneto Region, “had a tampon plan on January 31 and this is a nonsense. She does not have this plan he had it, there was no goal of looking for asymptomatic patients, “says the scientist. So much so, he reports, that “on February 8 his office prevented me from swabbing people who were returning from China because it was not foreseen by the government’s guidelines. They also threatened me with tax damage”.

“The plan I saw of Dr. Russo on January 31 was that of the Ministry of Health, according to which tampons should only be made to symptomatics – says Crisanti – Then, panicking, on February 21-22 they made the right choice” “that of buffering well. But it was not a systematic choice – he specifies – but an occasional thing of which they did not understand the scientific and epidemiological meaning. Then – recalls the virologist – on February 27-28 I phoned Zaia and the true buffer plan of the Veneto region. They can say what they want, but this is the reality “.

“The facts are clear and I don’t need to fuel any controversy,” urges the researcher who finds the story “really depressing”, but says “ready to show the cards: if they want me to show all the documentation I will do it, although I would prefer don’t get to this point. ”

“Who fought to swab the asymptomatic?” Asks Crisanti. “They come out now, 2 and a half months later, and reinvent the story for propaganda purposes,” comments the scientist. “On January 31 – she repeated – Dr. Russo had nothing that predicted the infection of the asymptomatic as a vector of the transmission. It is something that we have discovered”, he points out and concludes: “I am really sorry that for political purposes we speculate on the suffering of people and thousands of dead. ”

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