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Damiana Verucci

Chaos reimbursements in the gyms and sports centers of the capital. After more than two months of closure, operators who have started welcoming customers again have spent much more time answering questions and complaints than explaining how training works in the time of coronavirus. And this says a lot about the ways in which in many cases it is proceeding despite the rules are clear and they go for a simple, unfounded concept: you are entitled to a refund for the months during which it was not possible to use the service, unless you they want to accept vouchers or subscription slips. Still, it doesn’t work everywhere like this. Because if most of the centers have suspended the monthly magazine of April and May for subscribers, there are also those who have not done so and are now offering this solution to their customers: postponement of the subscription to maturity. But what if a person does not want to accept and demands the return of what was not due during the lockdown? For consumer associations there is no doubt: the user has the right to a refund and if he does not get it, the advice is to make a written complaint. Also because it is a fact that in most centers it is no longer possible to use the same services under the same conditions as before the covid. The wellness areas, for example, are closed, many bars and restaurants are still inactive, you have to stop for 90 minutes and no more, the lockers are half-way, taking a shower sometimes means having to wait a little for the distancing speech and then you have to spend some time sanitizing the tools every time you use them, in short, it’s not quite as pleasant as it could have been before spending a few hours in the gym. Yet the sports centers have not lowered their monthly magazines or provided any form of reimbursement for these inconveniences, they have the “claim” that from a contractual point of view everything is as before. “The overall value of the reimbursements due to users who have subscribed to gymnasiums, swimming pools and sports facilities in Italy amounts to almost 1.9 billion euros – Codacons informs – the same relaunch decree provides for the managers of sports facilities obligation to repay their customers also through vouchers of equal value, which can be used within one year of the cessation of the suspension of sports activities “. But as mentioned, it’s not working everywhere like this. Also with regard to courses for children and for whom it is even less obvious that they will resume in September. You know, children are fickle, they may decide to want to change sport. How to regulate? Also in this case the right to reimbursement of unpaid is valid. To overcome this, some centers are thinking of recovering the time lost in the months of June and July and invite parents via chat or email to give their possible membership. It is understood that it is not mandatory to accept.

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