Regions reopening, Sala: I will remember those who are applying for Lombard immunity. Toti: in Liguria they are welcome


Movements between Regions, Sala: I will remember those who ask Lombards for immunity

It is a clash over the reopening of regional borders from June 3. To divide is the knot Lombardy, which should decide on the weekend: reopen it or not? And, if so, by providing for an immunity license? The mayor of Milan Giuseppe Sala takes the field: «When I have to go on vacation I will remember the Regions that wanted it from the Lombards». The governor of Liguria, Giovanni Toti, in countertendency, opens to tourists from Lombardy: «They are welcome».

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“I see that some presidents of the Region, for example that of Liguria, Giovanni Toti, say that they will welcome the Milanese with open arms” when you can travel between one Region and another, “others, I will not quote them, say ‘maybe if they do an immunity license is better, “said mayor Sala in the social media video. “Here I speak as a citizen even before a mayor: when I decide where to go for a weekend or a holiday I will remember it.”

Sala stressed the need of the Lombards to cross the borders: «We need and want it, to go to find a relative, to go to the sea or to the mountains. Then we are doing homework well and, for example, my order yesterday went in this direction, that is, to try to contain the potential spread of Covid. We will apply what the government decides, of course, but I ask the government, in particular I asked Minister Boccia yesterday that they should not tell us the day before, and it also seems natural to me, because many have to organize themselves ».

Furthermore, “the thing that interests me most is to understand by what parameters this decision will be made – he added -. Understanding, being informed, they will consider R0, the number of tampons done, people in intensive care, what? Basically I believe that it is right to give this type of information, it would also be nice if they told us, then someone will decide and we will apply. But in this situation I believe that being part of what is happening is fundamental ».

Sala said he was in favor of allowing the schools to reopen at least for the last day of the school year: “There is debate about the possibility that our children do at least the last day of school together, I am absolutely in favor, then they will decide someone else and we will apply the decisions made ». The mayor cited a German case, that of the Land of Baden-Wurttemberg, “one of the hardest hit by Covid”. The land “ordered the Heidelberg university clinic to carry out research on the spread of Covid in children between 0 and 10 years of age and it emerged that children in this age group are not carriers, they are not diffusers of Covid – he explained -. On the basis of this research, nurseries, kindergartens and schools up to 10 years old reopened, specifying that children, their families and teachers were subjected to a swab and serological test. I am not a scientist but I am bringing you this information. ” Last updated: 11:40


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