Regions reopening from June 3: the moves of Liguria, Sardinia, Sicily and Campania


ROME – “In Liguria many Lombards have second homes”, “tourism is worth 20% of GDP in Italy” and “it is impossible to talk about tourism without interregional passage …”. A week is missing on June 3 and Giovanni Toti is getting ready. If indeed that day the borders of Lombardy will reopen without delay (here the reasons why the experts are in doubt, ed), Piedmont and Emilia-Romagna – the regions most affected by Covid – the governor of Liguria is ready to welcome everyone without fear: “The decision will be up to the Government – says Toti – but I don’t think we can keep the country closed beyond 3 June. And without Lombardy the whole country, not only Liguria, won’t go anywhere ».

Sardinia, plan B of President Solinas

But if we talk about tourism, then, we must also go to Nello Musumeci, the governor of Sicily and the president of Sardinia, Christian Solinas. And here, however, the discussion changes: “Even Sardinia wants to open the doors to everyone – Solinas said -. This summer, however, in addition to the well-known landscape beauties, we will also offer a higher level of health security than elsewhere “. How? “We We ask that travelers certify their negative nature of the virus before leaving – says the governor -. In a simple way and without prohibitive costs, which we will then reimburse, people should be able to perform tests in the laboratories of their city or by their family doctor that are then validated by the health authorities. Now it’s up to the government to do its part and simplify access to tests. If this is done, it will be of little importance that you arrive from this or that region, because your personal status will be certified with respect to the virus ». But if the government does not give answers, Solinas has already prepared a plan B for ports and airports: «We will use an app for recording inputs, an epidemiological questionnaire for access and a self-certification as well as ordinary temperature controls “

Sicily evaluates the “health passport” hypothesis

Also In Musumeci, in Sicily, is considering “the hypothesis of a health passport” but, he says, “we will decide within the Conference of the Regions”, convened for Friday, when the latest epidemiological data will arrive and it will be understood if it is appropriate or not to reopen the whole Italy.

De Luca and the “Safe Campania” operation

“Tourism is also a fundamental component of GDP for Campania – they point out from the governor’s entourage Vincenzo De Luca -. But since phase 2 started on 4 May, we have counted at least 30,000 returns from the North and many had a fever … ». Translated: there is concern. Therefore, De Luca has now launched the slogan “Safe Campania”. And if it is true that he has already said that he will only decide “on June 2” on the basis of data on how to behave with the other regions, certainly if the government reopens the borders he will have to adapt. But always maintaining “active vigilance”: those who arrive with a fever end up in quarantine.

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