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ROME. From June 3, it will be possible to start moving from one region to another. Will we have to undergo some checks?

No, once the last resistances of Sardinia and Campania have fallen, you can move anywhere for any reason without self-certification and without having to undergo any quarantine. However, temperature checks will be carried out in all airports and main railway stations.

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In Campania, as a sample, also at the toll booths. If you have more than 37.5 you are sent back home. Therefore, before leaving, it is best to avoid air conditioning fired to the max or strains, in order to avoid saying goodbye to travel and holidays.

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How will you travel by train, ship and plane?

Always spaced one meter apart and with the mask. Which means that for every seat occupied there will be an empty one. While in the cabin on the ship you are as you wish. Although they travel at 50% of the capacity, the trains have not increased the prices, the same cannot be said of the planes where the prices have “taken flight”. If for some reason, however, you cannot leave because of Covid or because a foreign country like Greece continues not to welcome us, you are entitled to a voucher of equal value to be spent within the year.

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And by car?

The rules of one meter spacing always apply. If you are between cohabitants you can travel even sitting next to you and without a mask. Otherwise in a normal car only two people travel with the passenger in the rear seat opposite to that of the driver and with the mask. If you have an SUV, you can also stay in three.

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Where are masks mandatory?

In any region you move the masks must be worn inside public offices, on the tram, on the subway, on the train, in bars, restaurants and shops. In food, clothing and shoes it is also necessary to wear disposable gloves if you have to touch food, try on clothes or shoes. Outdoors and until June 14 it is mandatory to bring them to Lombardy. Ditto in Sicily if you don’t do physical activity. The obligation to wear them outdoors also lapses today in Veneto and Wednesday 3 in Piedmont.

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What obligations remain after June 3?

The golden rule to be respected is always that of the spacing meter, which become two when doing physical activity, both indoors and outdoors. This means that gatherings are prohibited, so if you really can not do without nightlife and happy hours always spaced, otherwise you risk paying high fines, from 400 up to 3,000 euros.

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At the home of friends or relatives it is difficult for someone to check on us but the obligation to distance himself remains. So no parties and tables. Even kisses and hugs if you don’t live together remain a memory. Attention also to the restaurant, because if you are not living together and you cannot keep the meter away, you need the plexiglass partition. Otherwise you pay the fine yourself, in addition to the restaurateur.

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