Regional reopenings throughout Italy, 3 June most likely hypothesis. Rt under control everywhere


Count sees the heads of delegation

On the table also the possibility of a one-week slip. Brusaferro (ISS): opening between regions will be a challenge

by Nicola Barone and Andrea Gagliardi

Movements between Regions, decision not before June

On the table also the possibility of a one-week slip. Brusaferro (ISS): opening between regions will be a challenge

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Italy is heading towards the reopening of the borders between the Regions, with the possibility of moving freely throughout the national territory. The date scheduled by the government in the latest law decree is June 3. In the evening, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte will meet with the heads of delegation and some ministers, including Francesco Boccia, Luigi Di Maio, Luciana Lamorgese and Undersecretary Riccardo Fraccaro. The meeting serves to make a point in the light of Phase 2 monitoring data, between 18 and 24 May. But the decision could also come later, between Sunday and Monday, after hearing the governors.

Iss: no critical situation in Italy
At the moment in Italy no critical situation related to the Covid-19 epidemic. This is a summary of the result of the monitoring of the indicators for the so-called Phase 2 between 18 and 24 May. The weekly incidence remains very heterogeneous in the national territory. In some regions the number of cases is still high denoting a complex but under control situation. In others it is very limited. Therefore “caution is recommended especially when the movement of people on the national territory should increase”.

THEnd contagion under 1 in all regions
According to the findings of the Ministry of Health and ISS monitoring, in almost all regions the transmissibility indexes Rt are below 1 and the trend of new cases is decreasing. The lockdown measures in Italy “effectively allowed an infection control” on the national territory even in a context of persistent widespread transmission of the virus with a very different incidence in the twenty-one regions. The current situation, relating to the start of the first transition phase, “is generally positive”.

Movements from 3 June throughout Italy
So at the moment the most quoted hypothesis remains the reopening throughout Italy, no region excluded. The data published on the basis of the 21 indicators of the Ministry of Health should not trigger any red alert, even if Lombardy could still remain “under observation” in light of the number of infections: of the 593 new cases, 382 (64.4% ) are in Lombardy where, however, the other indicators – in particular the pressure on hospitals – are positive. The governor of Piedmont (another region under observation) Alberto Cirio was also optimistic, for whom “the weekly report, which arrived yesterday from the ISS, allowed us to note with great satisfaction that the parameters of the infection are all within the thresholds. , we have no critical issues, values ​​that trigger alarms. We are therefore confident that on 3 June the borders of the region will open up ».

Brusaferro: opening between regions will be a challenge
An indirect confirmation of the fact that we are moving towards a generalized opening comes from the words of the President of the Higher Institute of Health (ISS) Silvio Brusaferro, during the hearing in the Budget Committee of the Chamber, in view of the resumption of movements between regions and states EU. «With the coming week we are facing a challenge it will be even more important because the mobility between regions and also the international one will be liberalized. This will require an even more careful ability to monitor and respond to outbreaks. ” The data, according to Brusaferro, suggest a second Covid-19 wave in the autumn.

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