Reggio Calabria, the story of Marie Antoinette: “Burnt by my ex-husband, now I ask for justice”


In March 2019, Russo was serving house arrest in his family’s home in Herculaneum for the usual beatings against his wife and daughter. He escaped to reach Maria Antonietta in Reggio Calabria, rammed the ex-wife’s car and then sprinkled the vehicle with petrol and set it on fire. The woman got out of the car and called the police before being enveloped by the fire that the man continued to burn.

“He traveled 500 kilometers to come to me while he was under house arrest, and we must not forget that I had already made three complaints, never processed,” said Marie Antoinette, who now hopes justice will be done. He fears that the man can get away with a few years in prison and complete what he had started.

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