Reggio Calabria, do not comply with the anti-Covid rules: 2 stores closed that “allowed gatherings without allowing customers access”, but the vast majority respects the rules [DETTAGLI]


May 28, 2020 19:00

Reggio Calabria: the Municipal Police have closed two stores for failing to comply with anti-Covid rules

The anti-covid 19 commitment of the police in Reggio Calabria continues: in two days the Municipal Police has closed two businesses that did not comply with the rules. The commitment of the local Local Police, led by Commander Zucco, on the anti-Coronavirus services front has achieved important results. The new phase of controls, according to the Police Headquarters device, sees the Local Police make the maximum effort in the field of checks on commercial activities.

On that front in the past two days have been carried out over 50 inspections in as many exercises, and for two of them snapped shut as the owners did not comply with the anticovid measures since they allowed gatherings inside the premises used for sale and did not allow for customer access. Over the weekend, the team of specialized police under the orders of Dr. Stilo had also sanctioned a public exercise.

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