Reggio Calabria, contracts procured to facilitate the ‘Ndrangheta: 63 arrests, 11 public officials involved [NOMI, VIDEO, DETTAGLI]


May 28, 2020 09:40

Reggio Calabria, contracts piloted to facilitate the ‘Ndrangheta. 63 precautionary measures and seizures of assets and businesses carried out for over 103 million euros. 11 public officials involved

Over 500 financiers of the Provincial Command of Reggio Calabria, together with the Central Organized Crime Investigation Service and the colleagues of the respective Provincial Commands, under the coordination of the local Public Prosecutor’s Office – District Anti-Mafia Directorate, directed by the Chief Prosecutor Giovanni Bombardieri, have given progress, in the provinces of Reggio Calabria, Catanzaro, Cosenza, Vibo Valentia, Messina, Palermo, Trapani, Agrigento, Benevento, Avellino, Milan, Alessandria, Brescia, Gorizia, Pisa, Bologna and Rome, to the execution of the “Ordinance for the application of a precautionary measure“Issued by the G.I.P. of the Court of Reggio Calabria – Dr. Filippo Aragona – at the request of the Deputy Prosecutor Dr. Calogero Gaetano Paci and the Deputy Prosecutor Dr. Gianluca Gelso – with whom they were arranged precautionary measures:

  • personal, towards 63 people – entrepreneurs and public officials – held responsible, for various reasons, for crimes of criminal association aimed at the auction disturbance, fraud in public supplies, aggravated fraud to obtain public funds – aggravated by the mafia concession – as well as abuse of office e corruption for acts contrary to official duties, so distinct:
  • 14 house arrests, towards Bagala ’Francesco Cl. 77, Bagalà Francesco Cl. 90, Morabito Giorgio, Nicoletta Angela, Cittadini Carlo, Barbieri Giorgio Ottavio, Zuliani Cristiano, Best Francesco, Best Filippo, La Corte Alessio, La Greca Vito, Mangione Francesco, Giovanni Cornflower; Gallo Domenico;
  • 20 obligations of presentation to the judicial police, towards: Risola Pierluigi, Crea Antonino, Gabriele Michele, Fedele Santo, Currenti Giuseppe, Fedele Francesco, Polifroni Bruno, Custureri Santo, Bagala ’Luigi, Campisi Alessandra, De Giuseppe Caterina, Crabs Marzia, Pileggi Pietro, Quattrone Antonino, Coppola Domenico, Gagliostro Santo, Bressi Vincenzo, Alati Maria, Giachetti Luca, Castiglione Simona;
  • 29 Temporary prohibitions on exercising entrepreneurial activity, Towards Amato Andrea, Barbaro Antonio, Ciambriello Francesco, Cilona Antonio, Citizens Sergio, Cosentino Giuseppe, De Angelis Demetrio, Deraco Francesco, Fiore Gianluca, Granchi Iacopo, Granchi Rossano, Locatelli Angelo Sebastiano, Loprete Giuseppe, Maiolo Leonardo, Mattogno Mattia, Maugeri Domenico, Miceli Ludovica Giuseppina, Oliveri Giovanni, Oliveri Giuseppe Patrice, Papalia Antonino, Piccirilli Alessandro, Pileggi Francesco, Pisano Fortunato Igor, Polifroni Vincenzo, Pollaccia Carlo, Romano Giovanni, Ruberto Agostino, Todarello Giovanni, Trunfio Francesca;
  • royalty – on a total equity quantified in over 103 million euros consisting of the entire corporate assets of 36 companies / companies, as well as from the financial resources (bank / financial / insurance relationships and corporate investments) of 45 suspects.

In this context, the aforementioned A.G. has also ordered preventive seizure aimed at confiscation for equivalent up to the overall competition of approx 9.5 million EUR on movable, immovable property, shares and shares of companies, banking / financial / insurance relationships, in the name of 7 suspects.

The transaction under review – called “Waterfront“- constitutes the epilogue of the complex investigations conducted by the G.I.C.O. of the Economic and Financial Police Unit of Reggio Calabria, together with the Central I.C.O. Service, with the coordination of the aforementioned District Anti-Mafia Directorate of Reggio Calabria, towards 57 entrepreneurs belonging, in various capacities, to a illicit cartel made up of multiple companies, capable of winning – through auction disturbances aggravated by the mafia concession – at least 22 public tenders, in systematic fraud against the Calabria Region and the European Community.

The races disturbed and investigated by the military of the G.I.C.O., banned between the 2007 and 2016 from the contracting stations of the Municipalities of Gioia Tauro and Rosarno, as well as from the S.U.A.P. (Single Contracting Station) of Reggio Calabria, concerned contracts for a total value above € 100 million.

In detail, the investigations – corroborated by technical advice arranged for this purpose by the DDA – found:

  1. there disruption of nr. 15 tenders – between 2014 and 2016 – called for the construction of large public works in the municipalities of Polistena, Rizziconi, Gioia Tauro, Gerace, Reggio Calabria, Santo Stefano in Aspromonte, Maropati, Grotteria, Galatro, San Giorgio Morgeto, Siderno, for a value of over 58 million euros.

In this regard, an illegal cartel was identified consisting of 43 companies based in different regions – articulated in cordate (Calabrian, Roman, Tuscan, Sicilian and Campania) – who participated – in various capacities – in the public tenders investigated, unduly determining the outcome, through the presentation of previously agreed offers, thus guaranteeing the award of the contracts to one of the cartel firms.

Even if the aforementioned cartel had not succeeded, maneuvers were put in place – in the form of the subcontracting or the chartering procedure – in order to control the tender and the consequent execution of the works entrusted, however, to the companies of the various consortiums.

  1. there disruption of nr. 7 calls for tender, resulting from the allocation – between 2007 and 2013 – of community funds for a total amount of about 42 million euros, intended for the redevelopment of the urban areas of Gioia Tauro, Rosarno and San Ferdinando, and related seafront, in implementation of Integrated Urban Development Projects (P.I.S.U.) provided by the “POR Calabria FESR 2007/2013 Axis VIII Specific Objective City 8.1. “Cities and Cities and Urban Areas”.

The aforementioned criminal conduct resulted aggravated by the purpose of facilitating the ‘Ndrangheta, in its articulation called cosca “Piromalliof Gioia Tauro (RC) who has secured a significant “environmental bribe”, Guaranteeing the realization of the works.

In this system, supported by a composite glue made of imposition ‘ndranghetistica and collusion, the purpose pursued by criminal partnership was to ensure control of the entire system of public tenders called by Calabrian contracting stations.

At the top of this partnership, the investigative findings have placed BAGALA ’Francesco cl. ’77 is MORABITO Giorgio who, with the help of BAGALA ’Francesco cl. 90, have carried out a series of numerous crimes against the public administration, as well as against industry and commerce, in order to appropriate large public resources constituted by community funds (P.I.S.U.), which, rather than being destined for a redevelopment of the waterfront of Gioia Tauro, they allowed a huge profit to the detriment of the public bodies concerned.

The role of entrepreneurs “colluded“Of the Bagalà ‘, had already clearly emerged from the results of the so-called procedure. “Cumbertazione“, Concluded in 2017 by G.I.C.O. with the execution of personal restrictive measures against 27 people, for crimes of mafia-type criminal association, simple and aggravated criminal association, disturbed freedom of enchantments, fraud in public supplies, corruption and false ideology in public acts, as well as real precautionary measures on dozens of companies.

Even the MORABITO, from several concordant declarations – widely found – in consideration of his criminal depth, he had reports of “nearness”With the representatives of the gang on the Marina di Gioia Tauro.

Indeed, for the execution of the works referred to in the contracts launched by that municipality, MORABITO Giorgio, as an entrepreneur “colluded“And special prosecutor of the Roman and Sicilian firms belonging to the illicit cartel, has allowed the recruitment – in the yards managed by the same and / or employed by the successful companies – of workers reported by the contact person of the”Piromalli“, As well as the use of mechanical means and a deposit attributable to other entrepreneurs close to criminal mafia circles.

The investigations carried out in the context of today’s operation also concerned the conduct “downstream“Of the tenders described above, focusing attention on the material execution of the works, allowing to reveal:

  • a systematic fraud in public supplies related to works in the municipality of Gioia Tauro and in that of Rosarno in which they had been Community funds allocated;
  • there perception of sums not due, for amounts quantified overall in about 6 million euros.

In this regard, investigations have found widespread accounting and administrative irregularities – such as, for example, the payment to the contractor of undue expenses, distorted use of the cc.dd. “variations in progressnon-compliance with the approved projects in the execution of the works and in the use of materials, omitted static tests, partial deliveries, irregular surety policies, tests not performed on the quality and thickness of bituminous asphalts – in the execution of contracts for the construction – among others – of important works for public use such as the Sports Hall, the underground Parking and the Multifunctional Center of Gioia Tauro, as well as the Polisportivo Center of Rosarno.

Fundamental in this context was the clear complicity, for various reasons, of public officials – managers and supervisors of the works / testers, technicians / designers and / or sole managers pro tempore of the procurement procedures – specifically commissioned by the relevant contracting stations.

In fact, the role played by the manager of the Technical Office of the Municipality of Gioia Tauro, Ing. NICOLETTA Angela, as well as by the Architect Francesco MANGIONE who together held the position of works manager and sole manager of the procedure for the majority of the contracts relating to the waterfront and to the other public works organized with the P.I.S.U. funds, allowing the legal representatives of the winning companies, to be able to make huge profits to the detriment of the Calabria Region and of the European Community which co-financed the structural requalification projects.

In addition to the aforementioned, with reference to the contracts launched by the Municipality of Gioia Tauro, various results also involved RISOLA Pierluigi, CREA Antonino, GABRIELE Michele and BRESSI Vincenzo as project managers / technical testers / designers and / or sole managers pro tempore procurement procedures, as well as CAMPISI Alessandra is WINGED Maria which, respectively, RUP and Municipal Secretary, pro tempore of the municipality of Rosarno.

Investigative activities also certified the stable relationship corruptive insistent among the officialA.N.A.S. Reggio Calabria compartment, Ing. Giovanni FIORDALISO and the well-known entrepreneur Domenico GALLOdominus of numerous companies supplying bitumen and concrete – aimed at fraud in the execution of various supply contracts (which also concealed unauthorized subcontracting), as well as various jobs under the supreme urgency unduly entrusted to companies attributable to COCK – for a total value of 3.5 million euros – within n. 4 races for work of modernization of sections of the A2 Salerno – Reggio Calabria motorway, called – between the 2009 and 2016 – from A.N.A.S. S.p.A. – receiving from him luxury goods, other undue benefits and promises of profitable assignments in his companies.

In this regard, it emerged that, through the companies that were found to be attributable to him, and with the interference of the CORNFLOWER, GALLO Domenico was able to supply bitumen in various sections of the SA-RC motorway, through subcontracting or hot freight and cold freight contracts that they actually concealed unauthorized subcontracting is using lower quality materials than the parameters imposed by the tender specifications.

In detail, against the benefits deriving from the omissions put in place by FIORDALISO Giovanni, the aforementioned businessman – among other things – through bank transfers bearing the reason for remuneration for work never carried out – it made to perceive sums of money, for approximately € 94,000, to DE GIUSEPPE Caterina spouse of the aforementioned A.N.A.S. official which were contested with recycling aimed at hindering the identification of the criminal origin of the money received.

The activity in review testifies to the constant commitment of the Guardia di Finanza in the delicate sector of the fight against criminal organizations of matrix ‘ndranghetistica, as well as projections and mafia infiltrations in public procurement and in the legal economy in general.

Reggio Calabria: contracts piloted to facilitate the ‘Ndrangheta, dozens of arrests [VIDEO]

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