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REGGIO EMILIA – The decision taken by the FIGC council today was not at all obvious. Indeed, few would have bet on it. The Serie C championship will start again Reggiana Promotion in B may be played on the pitch.


Like the salvation in Serie A of 26 years ago, as a reward for the semi-final playoff lost on penalties with Bassano in 2015 or for that penalty of Siena in June 2018. It seems perhaps a bit like that, for Reggiana fans, the decision of the advice from Figc, which decreed that the C series is also back on the field. It will not be easy: protocols to be applied, huge costs, many clubs that hoped to close it here. In the meantime, however, Reggiana is enjoying this day, given that the line of the company led by Luca Quintavalli has passed completely. Wipe out the indications of the Lega Pro assembly of May 7 and that thousandth of a point that would have rewarded the Carpi compared to Reggiana for a game less played by the Modena cause of an emergency Coronavirus. Then someone spoke of sporting merit, while it is the Figc itself to say, in the press release issued after the three hours of advice, that there is “sporting merit as the cornerstone of every competitive competition” at the basis of the “desire to restart and complete the “championships.

Sober the words chosen by the Reggiana also on this occasion: “Maximum satisfaction for the decision to entrust the verdicts to the field and to the football played, in line with what we have always supported with fairness and loyalty, “says the statement.

“With calm and serenity, but with conviction, we continued our battle – is the comment of thegrenade lawyer, Eduardo Chiaccio – We were the first to sensitize the FIGC with a polite letter “.

The board ruled that if there were to be a resumption of the infection there will be a new one Suspension and we would proceed to playoffs and playouts in reduced form. In the event of a definitive stop, the FIGC talks about the identification of “Objective correction factors” that they predict anyway promotions is demotions. The date for recovery is missing: the grenades are ahead 11 days, including the big matches with Vicenza, Modena and Padua, but a little breath can be pulled because the board has also established that it is possible to play until August 20, including play offs and play outs.

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