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When a prosecutor gets into trouble, the conspiracy of oblivion. He writes it Augusto Minzolini, which analyzes the famous “media-judicial circuit”, which more often than not precedes the sentence of a court, pronouncing it on TV or in newspapers. For the editorialist de The newspaper it is this circuit that decides a sentence of conviction without appeal for opponents and absolutory for insufficient evidence for friends. While when the topic is embarrassing, as in the case of interceptions by Luca Palamara (which in private sounded the office of the judiciary against Matteo Salvini), the strategy is to end everything in oblivion.

The case related to the Roman prosecutor was examined in the center-right newspaper circuit, used by the justicialists of the Everyday occurrence to hit another current, but it was only lapped by others. Minzolini stresses that the media-judicial circuit carefully chooses the cases to be exploited and that Palamara “has been absolutely hidden from the emphasis with which major newspapers have followed other stories”, he underlines Matteo Renzi. Hidden because, says the editorialist de The newspaper, those mechanisms are very scary: the use of promotions, careers and roles in the CSM can become an instrument of intervention on the processes available to those who govern the currents of the judiciary and their political connections. After a week of eavesdropping and scandals, Sergio Mattarella it intervened to indicate the path of reform of the CSM, but reiterated the no to its dissolution: radical changes are not contemplated. And as for the reform, Renzi’s comment is enough: “So with these the government does not pass“.

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