Redundancies. From Auchan to Conad, employees at the crossroads


MESTRE Tensions are rising among the workers of the Auchan hypermarket in the center of Le Porte di Mestre. While on the first floor the revolution is underway and the shop is slowly emptying, in recent days the news has arrived that work will start on the ground floor at the end of June. With the transition to the Conad brand, the spaces dedicated to the supermarket will be reduced to a single floor while in the upper part, which will be the subject of an unpacking, new stores will appear. After months of stress, due to Covid-19 and the spacing measures, a very delicate phase begins for workers in which, in a precarious condition and after a trade union split, they are called to make important choices.TENSE SITUATION
«The situation is tense because we continue to count and try to understand what is best for us, explains Monica Mencherini of Fisascat Cisl – We know that based on the size Margherita distribution intends to employ 150 people in the hypermarket. We are currently 230, therefore there are about 80 redundancies ». According to the agreements signed by the management of Margherita Distribuzione and Fisascat Cisl at national level, workers in Mestre and all the other sales outlets that are the object of the sale (900 in all) have two alternatives. The first is the exit with the voluntary exodus incentive that reaches up to 34 thousand euros per full-time worker (on average the one-year salary with thirteenth and fourteenth) and in Mestre it has already been welcomed by about twenty people. The incentive will be 100% until the end of June (from July 1st it will be reduced to 50%) which will therefore be a decisive period.

«The alternative adds Mencherini – is the relocation through Anpal, a government agency. Many workers are doubtful because they fear, by registering, to apply for the exit. In reality it is not so, because it only means applying, in case you end up being one of the redundancies, to a possible better exit because proposals will be made on the basis of professional qualifications ». Margherita Distribuzione has also put € 5,000 on the plate for each worker made redundant: the company that decides to hire him will receive the quota which he will have to return to the worker if he wants to fire him before the 24 months. It is not yet known whether there is already someone interested in settling in the spaces on the first floor that will be freed. «We are filling in the forms for the relocation and we do not know the criteria according to which they will establish the names of the redundancies therefore we feel very precarious concludes Mencherini – After these months of management Covid we are tired and very tense to see that they are doing the jobs. Someone, perhaps closer to retirement or exhausted, is accepting the exit voucher. But the moment is crucial and as Fisascat and short we will have new meetings at national level to enter into the merits of the future of the hyper of Mestre ». Last updated: 16:37


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