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Maria Cristina Rota
Maria Cristina Rota
Bergamo, 29 May 2020 – The establishment of the red zone in the Bergamasca it should have been “one government decision. ” The said attorney Bergamo, Maria Cristina Rota, acting on the RAI microphones. Answering the question of who was responsible for isolating the municipalities of Nembro and Alzano Lombardo affected by the coronavirus epidemic, one of the themes that the investigations Bergamo are investigating, the magistrate replied: “From what we know is a government decision.”

Subiro words taken from Roberto Calderoli, senator of the League and vice-president of the Senate. “From Bergamo I now expect that those who have to answer for the failure of the red zone, with all the dramatic consequences that we know well, now answer for it,” he commented. “Between February and early March – Calderoli recalls – we asked for weeks to establish the red zone in Val Seriana, for months we have argued that it was competence of the Government on the basis of the provisions of the Constitution and today the Bergamo Public Prosecutor supports it, which we thank for what he is doing, which has finally put a point on this matter “.

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