“Red zone in Lombardy? The law denies the Bergamo prosecutor” – Libero Quotidiano


“From what we know it was one government decision“. With these words the Bergamo prosecutor, Maria Cristina Rota, answered the microphones of Tg3 to the question of who should have made the decision on the red zone in Nembro and Alzano Lombardo. Basically confirmed the version of Attilio Fontana, who was heard yesterday as an informed person of the facts and reiterated that it was up to Rome to close the two municipalities that recorded a boom of contagions in early March.

The prosecutor’s version of Bergamo was nothing short of indigestible for Marco Travaglio and its Everyday occurrence, who however did not give up on a first page against the governor of Lombardy, portrayed with a toga on him. “The prosecutor has already ‘acquitted’ Fontana, but the law denies both”, Headlines the newspaper directed by Travaglio, which highlights the fact that even the presidents of the Region can adopt the provision of the red areas. A laughable justification, which does not erase the guilt of the government: if he had done his duty, probably many deaths would have been avoided.

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