Red areas excluded from funds, wrath of Zaia and De Luca


Red areas excluded from funds, wrath of Zaia and De Luca

“All the red areas of Italy must be restored from the bottom in the revival decree on which a yellow card opened. The 200 million initially destined for all the red areas exclude a very large number of municipalities, from North to South. The immediate need is to include all the municipalities that have declared themselves a red zone “. So the president of the senators of Italia Viva, Davide Faraone, at the end of a day that saw the harsh protests of the governors of Veneto and Campania, and beyond. The revival decree, in fact, after publication in the Gazzetta was further corrected with the cancellation of a hundred municipalities declared red areas throughout Italy with regional ordinances.

“We do not only have Vo, but also Treviso, Venice and Padua. They are all red areas established on March 8 that arrived in the queue of the 10 municipalities of the Lodi area. After 24 hours from that March 8, all of Italy becomes a red area but no one has revoked our red areas. All were then lifted on April 13. But, magic … all the red areas of Veneto disappeared and those of Lombardy and Emilia Romagna remained – the harsh accusations of the governor of Veneto, Luca Zaia – And it is embarrassing to see what is happening: that is, the red areas of Veneto have been excluded from the aid provided for in the decree, the 200 million euros. “Zaia then announced:” We have given the assignment to Professor Bertolissi to resort to Tar and the Constitutional Court because the decree must be thrown in the trash and rewritten. Let’s go in front of anyone because this decree is offensive to the Venetians. “The governor explained that” there was first a debate for the forgetting of the red Veneto areas, then a first draft respectful of our grievances which then became law, a he reads irrationally, and the jurists say they have never seen such a thing, and that it ended up in the Gazzetta with a new text where we disappeared, “he stigmatized.

The President of the Campania Region, Vincenzo De Luca, he spoke of “an incredible decision by the government. It is disconcerting that he only imagined excluding the former red areas (Vallo di Diano, Ariano Irpino area) from the Fund dedicated to the areas seriously affected by the Covid emergency”. “We ask – he added – that this provision be immediately corrected by the government”.

“Today with amazement we note a correction, published in the Official Gazette, which has effectively excluded some municipalities from the benefit, allocating it exclusively to five provinces – said the Undersecretary of the Interior Carlo Sibilia (M5S) – In fact, even Ariano Irpino, defined the ‘Codogno’ of southern Italy and who, from objective findings, for the number of infections and for the health problems and the economic consequences of the Covid emergency, is left out it is closer to the most intensely affected areas of Lombardy. “” Objectively, “observed the pentastellato,” it is difficult to understand the rationale for such a novelty. However, I also heard the Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio with whom we decided to support the amendment that the deputy of the 5 Star Movement Gigi Maraia is already preparing, so as to restore the original norm published in the Gazette only a day ago “.

“As MP Generoso Maraia rightly pointed out, I think it is right to intervene during the conversion in Parliament of the relaunch dl to correct the rule on funds for municipalities affected by Covid – he said Luigi Di Maio – Instead of limiting it to the municipalities of 5 provinces, it is necessary to extend the funds to all the municipalities that became red areas during this pandemic “.

“There are no red zones in Serie A and Serie B – he stressed for his part Davide Pharaoh – We will present an amendment to correct this hateful discrimination, and we believe that the fund should be increased. There must be no short blanket to support our territories. ”

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