Recovery Plan, Giuseppe Conte gloats but Mes is still a grain


“It was what we expected, a result unthinkable only a few months ago.” At Palazzo Chigi there is no satisfaction for the Next generation EU plan announced today by Ursula von der Leyen. A 750 billion euro recovery plan, of which approximately 172 for Italy. It was the turning point that Giuseppe Conte was waiting for. He did not hide his satisfaction from his collaborators: “It is in line with expectations, what we fought for”. The premier reminded everyone where they started, from the German opposition to the Eurobonds, unhinged slowly up to the Merkel-Macron plan of last week further increased by the European Commission. A very useful starting point also to overcome the internal rock of the Mes. Listen to one of the premier’s closest collaborators: “It is now outdated. We can count on more than 170 billion, of which 80 is non-repayable and we still think of the Mes, which, by the way, is a loan? “.

But Conte warned that the game is not over. Because now the negotiation begins on how, on the possible clauses and conditionalities on how to spend the treasure, and already in the early afternoon at Palazzo Chigi we looked with some apprehension at the statements of Angela Merkel, who after making it clear that the European Council June will not be conclusive, indicating a long step towards closing the deal, indicating the end of the year as a deadline to make the recovery fund operational. Then there is the resistance of the so-called frugal countries to overcome. Conte warned of the difficulty of the negotiation, recalling that in the phone call a few days ago with Mark Rutte, the Dutch prime minister did not move an inch from the intransigence of his positions.

Despite this, the von der Leyen plan has incorporated what the Italian positions have been since the beginning: “An excellent signal from Brussels – tweeted Conte – precisely in the direction indicated by Italy. We have been described as visionaries because we believed in them. 500 billion in grants and 250 billion in loans are an adequate figure. Now let’s speed up the negotiation and free up the resources soon. ” At Palazzo Chigi there is also satisfaction for having removed a very strong element of propaganda from the oppositions. “If you look at Salvini’s statements – observes a member of parliament near the head of the government – you see the nails that scratch the mirrors on which he climbs”. And in fact the leader of the League limited himself to saying that “they are only words and hypotheses”, trying to divert attention to an alleged balance sheet and a pension cut that the government would have in store “after the emergency”, without to be able to say a word about the substance of the measurements.

But the European game is by no means closed in the majority. Early in the morning Roberto Gualtieri put his hands on Mes: “A ten-year financing line at rates close to zero, which can be activated immediately and without any conditionality other than that of the use of resources to meet direct healthcare costs and indirect and those of contagion prevention, it is a positive thing that in itself contributes to strengthening stability and trust. We will evaluate together the opportunity of its possible use “. The Democratic Party and Italy alive remain clearly in favor of the use of the European Stability Mechanism and just today the MEPs mentioned it as a response to the problems on scholarships for medical specialists. The left wing of the 5 stars also gives timid signs of opening. Minister for Relations with Parliament Federico D’Incà remarked to Circo Massimo that “the conditionalities have changed a lot, we will look at them better in the next few days when we have the necessary documentation. There seems to be a very low rate on these 36-37 billion “.

But in the Next Generation Movement the EU has given way to the definitive disengagement on the Mes. “After today it is clear that we no longer need it – explains a source at the top of the 5 stars – also because, looking at others in Europe we would be the only ones not to use it”. Here is Raphael Raduzzi, pasdaran of no, to gloat that Mes “goes to the attic” and also to put stakes on the conditionalities of the recovery fund, Ettore Licheri to brand it as “inadequate”, and Filippo Scerra who reiterates that “our position remains the no at 100%”. Scerra himself adds: “On this point, Conte’s line also leaves no room for doubt. The Mes is inadequate in terms of capacity and characteristics “.

Palazzo Chigi reiterates that an evaluation will be made when all the instruments put in place by Brussels will have a clear frame, and that the last word will be up to Parliament. But today von der Leyen gave him a tempting assist to motivate Italy’s no thanks.

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