Recovery Fund, von der Leyen presents 750 billion aid plan. To Italy 172.7 billion, 81.8 in aid. Conte: “Excellent signal”. Holland warns: “Negotiation will be long, distant positions”


There EU Commission proposes a Recovery Fund from 750 billion euros. To provide the numbers of the European maneuver, after he had been the Commissioner for Economic Affairs, Paolo Gentiloni, to anticipate the figures of anti-crisis plan dell ‘European Union talking about “Unprecedented turning point”, she is the President of the Commission Ursula von der Leyen, in a speech to the EU Parliament, introducing “a new instrument, the 750 billion‘ Next Generation Eu ’. The package will consist of 500 billion grants and 250 billion euros of loans. Satisfaction from the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte: “Excellent signal from Brussels”. THE Netherlands but they hold back: “The negotiations will be long, distant positions”.

According to what is anticipated by the Dpa, 172.7 billion: 81,807 would be paid as aid and 90.938 billion like loans. The figure represents the higher altitude intended for a single country, both in absolute terms and as regards grants and loans. At the Spain, which has the second thickest slice, would be destined 140.4 billion, divided between 77.3 billion of aid and 63.1 billion of loans.

The proposal of the EU Commission foresees the fund-raising on the market, supported by indirect guarantees Member States and jointly reimbursed during decades, a controversial move, also in light of theopposition already expressed by “Frugal” countries, because it requires theirs unanimous approval. The ‘non-refundable’ figure coincides with the proposal developed by the French president Emmanuel Macron and the German chancellor Angela Merkel.

Specifically, the Commission will obtain € 750 billion by raising the “temporary” ceiling 2% common budget own resources of the EU GDP, with a budget of 1.100 billion which will be proposed by Berlaymont Palace, and going to the markets to finance themselves. The debt thus issued must be refunded between 2028 and 2058, through the post 2027 common budget. To find resources, Brussels proposes to draw new resources from emission taxes, on large multinationals, on the plastic is web tax.

Von der Leyen: “EU model challenged like never before”
During his speech before the Brussels plenary, the head of Palazzo Berlaymont began by saying that “the crisis has effects of contagion in all countries and no one can repair himself. An economy in difficulty on the one hand weakens a strong one on the other. Divergences and disparities increase and we only have two choices. Either we go alone, leaving countries and regions behind, or we take the road together. For me the choice is simple, I want us to take a strong path together. ”

“The bravest proposals are also the safest ones – continued von der Leyen -, which is why we are now offering the 750 billion‘ Next Generation Uè Fund, which will be added to a Multiannual financial framework (Qfp) which has been revised to 1,100 billion, thus reaching a total of 1,850 billion “. The overall EU effort for recovery will therefore be “from 2,400 billion”Of euro: the proposal of the Fund of 750 billion and the 1,100 billion of EU multi-year budget, will add the 540 billion of the measures already approved, that is Mes light, sure for unemployment and funds bei.

Of the 750 billion of the Recovery Fund, 500 will be “in the form of grants”that is, considered as “a common investment of the European Union”, while the rest 250 billion they will go in loans to the Member States. And in concluding his speech, German politics said that “a further courageous step towardsEurope of sustainability. We owe it to the next generations. Long live Europe “.

Conte: “Excellent signal from Brussels”. Netherlands: “Negotiations will be long, distant positions”
The Prime Minister Conte is satisfied that, after von der Leyen’s announcement, on social media he speaks of “excellent signal from Brussels, it goes exactly in the direction indicated by Italy. We were described as visionaries because we believed in it from the beginning. The 500 billion in non-repayable and 250 billion in loans are one adequate figure. Now let’s speed up the negotiation and free up the resources soon. ”

But diplomatic sources from the Netherlands, one of the EU members in the so-called group ‘Frugal’, hold back: “The positions are far away and this is a dossier that requires unanimity, so negotiations will take time. It is difficult to think that this proposal will be the end result of those negotiations “.

Also from Berlin satisfaction transpires, given that the Commission’s proposal is close to that already put forward by theFranco-German axis: “We are delighted that the European Commission has taken on some elements of the Franco-German proposal,” he said Ulrike Demmer, spokesman for the chancellor Angela Merkel, at a press conference – Eventually you will have to find a compromise between the 27 states. We want to get there as quickly as possible. ”

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