Recovery Fund, Ursula von der Leyen at Sky TG24: ‘Solid proposal for Italy’. VIDEO


After presenting the Fund for the recovery of the European economy, the president of the EU Commission gave an interview to our exclusive TV channel for Italy. In front of the European Parliament meeting in plenary session in Brussels the 750 billion instrument was christened ‘Next Generation Eu’

Will this fund be sufficient for Italy or do you think the government should also activate emergency tools like the ESM?

I think this is a very solid and good proposal for Italy because we know that Italy and other member countries have not only been hit hard by the health crisis but are now suffering from the economic crisis. This is why our proposal is very strong in subsidies, in loan options, in investments for the future and in our common European priorities which are, for example, the European Green Deal or digitalization, both important issues for Italy.

How will you convince the so-called “frugal” countries against subsidies?

I think it is important to see that the European budget consists mainly of subsidies and this is the added value of the European Union, which we finance together the common European policies that have led us towards a strong single market. So subsidies are something normal in the European budget. We channel the money through the European budget and it is important for us that there is a fair share of subsidies.

Is it a first step towards debt mutualisation?

It is important for us to look ahead, to the future. There has been a lot of damage in this crisis but none of the member countries has any fault or has done something wrong to deserve such a profound economic crisis, so we want to overcome this crisis together and invest in the future by raising funds in the markets.

Do you think member countries are aware that this is considered the last call for Europe by a large part of Italians, even among those who voted for Europeanist parties?

I want us, that Europe shows that it is its time, I want us to show that we are strong in solidarity but also in grasping the future, in building the future for our children, the next generation, for this the name of this program is ‘Next Generation EU’, it is really very focused to help now with strong solidarity our member countries but with the aim of building a better Europe, a stronger Europe with a strong economy.

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