Recovery Fund, Conte: “Few would have bet on it, aid will come soon”. Zingaretti: “EU expansive policies finally”


The government sings victory the day after the publication of the European Commission for a Recovery Fundrenamed ‘Next Generation Eu’, from 750 billion euros, of which 500 non-repayable and 250 in the form of loans. “We believed it when few would have bet on it,” he said The print the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte – Many, even internally, invited me to be cautious and not expose myself by saying that I would definitely remedy a scorching political defeat. But I was always aware that a strong and unified European reaction was absolutely necessary not only for Italy but also for the very future of Europe “. Satisfaction also since Pd, with the secretary Nicola Zingaretti happy for the position taken by the European Union: “From Europe finally expansive policies“He said to Republic. While the deputy secretary, Andrea Orlando, to Omnibus La7 Talks about “political success of the government that cannot have weakness as its premise ”.

Conte rejoices, but now there is the obstacle of the EU Council to overcome
The head of government takes home the support of the European institutions, but the negotiation with the rigorous countries, Austria is Netherlands in the lead, has yet to begin and, as they know from Vienna is The Hague, it will be anything but simple. In order to reach a definitive agreement, you needunanimity of all 28 EU member countries that sit in the European Council. “With the most opposed or perplexed European leaders – continues Conte – I confronted several times, even in a very frank way, inviting them to consider that without an adequate response we would have destroyed the single market and irreparably compromised all the value chains. A good but late response would have been useless. ” And he recognizes that “there is still a lot of work to be done now. A very demanding European Council awaits us and we must try to make the activation of these new instruments timely “.

On the same line, the EU Commissioner for Economic Affairs, Paolo Gentiloni, which in an interview with Radio Me too up RadioRai says the proposal “is one for Italy great responsibility, also because I don’t think he will have many opportunities like this. ” For the country, in fact, there is talk of an overall availability of “170-180 billioni, although Italy is a net contributor for 4 billion a year is a lot of stuff, as they say in Rome. The problem is how to spend these resources. ”

And this is precisely the Commissioner who, in line with the wishes of the President of the EU Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, tries to draw the line: “The right direction is to face emergencies, to focus on green and digital transition, face the bureaucratic inefficiencies and the slowness of civil justice“. Of course, he admits, “in perspective the theme of debt must be kept under control, we cannot forget that we are too indebted. Now we have to spend but in the future we have to put this debt on a more manageable path or in a few years we will find ourselves in difficulty “. And on the possibility of a favorable agreement with Austria, the Netherlands, Denmark is Sweden he says that “an initial reaction has come, not to the face but to the beginning of a negotiation, a reaction that makes an agreement possible. It will not be easy but it will get there. ”

Zingaretti: “Finally expansive policies from the EU”. Orlando: “Government success”
Satisfaction also at home Pd. Secretary Zingaretti said that “we finally have expansionary policies. The Recovery Fund opens a season of powerful investments and shows how much our reasons were more credible than those of the gods national-populists. Europe is regaining its vision alongside people’s needs. These resources should not be distributed randomly but with one clear strategy“. And speaking of this, he too, like Gentiloni, argues that we should focus on “five points. Digital challenge, energy choices, centrality of theuniversity and of Research, state reform is fight against bureaucracy. In addition to protagonism of Europe“.

Now, he concludes, it is necessary that the government convene “soon all publicly controlled companies, the world giants like Eni, Is in the, Finmeccanica, Railways. We need to give a country mission to these big players who manage hundreds of billions of euros of investments. Let me be clear, I respect the autonomy of these companies. But competition is useless without an overview. ”

Andrea Orlando speaks of “political success”, congratulating the executive who “moved well and also the ministers Gualtieri is Amendola they moved well. This operation is not the result of chance or the fact that the Registrar Merkel repented along the way. The fact is that in Europe they are modified the power ratios, thanks to the initiatives of the government and the majority. With the previous government this would not have been possible. ”

Monti: “Turning point in the EU, an opportunity to be exploited”. Read: “We need planning”
Even the two former prime ministers, Mario Monti and Enrico Letta, speak of a result “very positive”. “In every country real money is calculated and Italy this time is the most benefited – said the senator for life a Circus Maximus up Radio Capital – It’s a carried out in the construction of Europe. The EU is preparing to have a budget and is preparing to use it. ” This money, Monti underlines, “is an opportunity to make many improvements in the economy and administration that we have always wanted to make. You have to use them well and on time. ” And then send a message to the so-called sovranisti: “They will see this turning point, they will be forced to find other defects in Europe that will meet the needs of citizens and the new generations”.

Positive also Letta, who spoke to Agora up RAI-3, although more cautious in the judgment: “Various operations may be carried out, such as reduce taxes and in particular cut labor costs. I think it’s absolutely possible, at least that’s what I would do. I would like to emphasize that so much money is coming from Europe that Italy has never had before. Now the important thing is to plan the use of all these resources for the next ten years, so that they do not become ‘Realm of the marchette’that is, to anyone who asks for something, this thing is then given to him “.

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