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There Season 5 of Apex Legends started with a record, establishing itself as the best season principle ever for the battle royale developed by Respawn Entertainment.

Presented with a spectacular launch trailer, La Fortuna degli Audaci has had the best start to any season to date in no time. A growing number of new ones players is coming into play and together with passionate historians, it has generated enormous success for the launch of a new season, with longer playing times than ever.

As the storyline of Season 5 unfolds, the connection between the community and the Legends is also getting stronger. Apex Legends season 5 trailers have gotten further 47 million of views to date and become the most viewed ever for Apex Legends. With La Fortuna degli Audaci the Apex Legends community was unleashed and created UGCs that generated more than 176 million of views in the first two weeks, another record for any seasonal launch to date.

“Making our fans experience the history and experience of Apex Legends is what excites us most about working on this game, and Season 5 is no exception,” said Game Director Chad Grenier. “We have blown away this season Skull Town, which really allowed us to have fun and do something unexpected. We are happy to see that the players, both new and veteran, are really enjoying themselves. ”

Apex Legends stands out from other battle royale games for its tradition and its Legends, in addition to the work of Respawn to continue injecting new plots and surprises in every season. From online previews, in-game content, “Stories from the Outlands” trailers and all-new Missions in season 5, the Los Angeles-Vancouver-based development team tries to offer something truly unique to help you find a ever new evolution of the narrative of the game.

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