Record requests for Btp Italia, from retail applications for 14 billion


The Btp Italy closed the retail phase of the placement with requests for 14 billion of Euro. On the third day of issue dedicated to small investors, applications stood at 5.211 billion, in addition to the 8.79 billion raised between Monday and Tuesday. Tomorrow, the last day of operations, it will be the turn of the institutional investors.

The Bond, by five-year term and indexed to inflation with minimum return of 1.4%, aims to finance initiatives to combat the economic and health crisis triggered by the coronavirus. The previous 8-year BTP, launched last October, had raised a total of 6.75 billion, of which 2.99 billion from retail.

The Ministry of Economy and Finance has announced that for the Second phase of the placement period of the sixteenth edition of the Btp Italia, dedicated to the financing of the interventions relating to the Covid-19 emergency, the Isin code of the title is IT0005410912. The stock, recalls Via XX Settembre, is indexed to Italian inflation (Foi Index, without tobaccos – Consumer price index for the families of workers and employees, net of tobaccos), has a dividend on May 26, 2020 and expires on May 26, 2025 .

The second phase of the placement period, dedicated to institutional investors, will take place on the MOT (the electronic market for Italian government bonds and government securities) tomorrow, from 10 to 12. Before its opening, based on market conditions, the Treasury will set the tdefinitive annual (real) coupon ace, which in any case cannot be lower than the guaranteed minimum (real) annual coupon rate of 1.40%, already announced on May 15, 2020.

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