“Recommended for children and over 60s”


For the Ministry of Health, the flu vaccine is recommended for healthcare professionals, children under 6 and over 60s.

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The stalls to which, next winter, is growing the administration of the flu vaccine is recommended in this way, in fact, in addition to having fewer sick people, it will be easier to identify people infected with Covid 19. The recommendation, not the obligation therefore, would arise from the need to identify the new as soon as possible coronavirus as the two forms of flu, in a first phase, have overlapping symptoms.

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To whom the vaccine is recommended

Coronavirus vaccine

The Ministry of Health therefore, for the next flu season, he recommends the administration of the vaccine to all children from 0 to 6 years, to the elderly from 60 years and to the health workers of the RSA. This hypothesis could be included in the circular on which the ministry is working these days is that it is expected shortly. Alberto Villani, president of the Italian pediatric society and member of the Technical Scientific Committee a Radio 1 stated that this “would be an excellent result“.

Up to now, the recommendation for the flu vaccine has only been related to over 65 and children with certain diseases. Enlargement, which will probably be recommended by Ministry of Health, is due to the circulation of Covid 19. The aim is that in this way not only can the new virus be detected more quickly but that the blockages in the emergency rooms are also reduced. “It should always be remembered that the flu always remains a demanding disease, especially for very young children – explained the professor Villani being vaccinated means reducing the number of pediatric patients who therefore will not need to undergo outpatient checks, go to the emergency room and to possible hospitalizations“.

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Coronavirus vaccine

There are several pediatric companies that push for the flu vaccine obligation up to 14 years.

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