Realme launches the Apple Watch clone (which costs $ 50)


There is no doubt that the Apple Watch the smartwatch by definition and normal therefore that many models refer to it. The creation of the Apple was not the first smart watch but the one that made it popular, which made it known to the general public. So there is no lack of clones, first of all this newborn Realme Watch that amazes first of all for the price: $ 50. Just take a quick glance to get confused: the square body with rounded corners (the famous squircle, fusion of square and circle, square and round), the shiny finish, the slightly rounded glass. It looks like a watch.

Aesthetic differences

Then for, checking it better, here are some details like the absence of the crown, an iconic element of the Apple Watch which is replaced here by a button halfway up the right profile of the display. On a technical level, Realme’s watch offers a 1.4 inch LCD display with a resolution of 320×320 pixels, it loads a customized version of Android and has interesting functions for such a low price range. As usual it shows the notifications of the phone, it allows you to control the music and the camera but in addition it has the heart rate sensor and oximeter, the instrument that measures the level of oxygen in the blood that came to the fore in the first months of isolation from Covid-19. Someone will remember it.

The other clone

According to the parent company, this low cost Watch offers autonomy of seven days with active heart rate measurement, nine if it is excluded and goes up to twenty in the energy saving mode. Although still little known in Italy, the Realme brand very present abroad, mainly in Asia and India, and not really a parvenue. in fact son of BBC, the Chinese giant that boasts in the basket brands like Oppo, OnePlus and Vivo who are also making their way to us. Even with clones. Just last March the Oppo Watch was presented, which is even more similar to that of the Apple but costs between 195 and 260 euros.

Go out on June 5th

But let’s go back to Realme. Without having it in your hands hard to say how this Watch really goes, test its potential understand if those 50 dollars are well spent. For now, therefore, there are only three certainties: the similarity with the Apple Watch, the bargain price and the release date, set for June 5.

May 26, 2020 (change May 26, 2020 | 14:40)


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