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Inter bets everything on Sandro Tonali

L’Inter bet everything on Sandro Tonali. The words released to Sky Sport by the Nerazzurri sports director Piero Ausilio confirm that yes, from Viale della Liberazione they are really serious for the young midfielder of the Brescia. The operation is not easy at all, given that the first request from Cellino it stood at 50 million euros in cash. But Inter, which has so far gone up to 35 million more bonuses, also thanks to the sale of Icardi to the Paris Saint-Germain he’s going to go all the way. And Ausilio’s statements certainly pleased the player. Here is what the Gazzetta dello Sport writes in this regard:

Contacts have been going on for months but the next few weeks could be those of the first official moves, for an operation that is unlikely to be closed for less than 35 million euros plus bonuses. A figure that today, however, would not be considered sufficient by Brescia (…). The public release certainly pleased the player, also because in these negotiations – long and complicated – there is always the fear of being exposed too much. And instead this time Ausilio’s thoughts seemed almost caresses, a way to reassure Tonali and make him understand the intention to go all the way“.

(Source: the Gazzetta dello Sport)




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