Ravenna, condolences from the Mayor de Pascale and the Diocese for the death of Monsignor Roberto Zagnoli


“It is with great regret that I learn of the death of Monsignor Roberto Zagnoli – declares the mayor of Ravenna Michele de Pascale -, a priest who has been able to combine the vocation of the parish priest close to the people with studies related to communication, Christian liturgy and art which led him to the appointment of vice director of the Vatican Museums and director of the Vatican Ethnological Museum. His figure is well known in the city also for having played the role of assistant to Catholic Action and for being secretary of Archbishop Salvatore Baldassarri and Cardinal Ersilio Tonini “. The mayor expresses his own condolences and that of the entire municipal administration of Ravenna to the families and ecclesial community of Ravenna.

The Diocese of Ravenna mourns Don Roberto Zagnoli

The Diocese mourns Don Roberto Zagnoli, diocesan priest, who died this morning at the age of 82. Many remember him for his ability to be close to people, for his humor, for his pastoral commitment in the parish (and for various diocesan assignments in pastoral offices) and as general assistant for Catholic Action and director of Ravegnana Radio. But it is above all his infinite willingness to emerge in the memory of many friends and parishioners who have known him.

Born in Ravenna in 1937, he was ordained a priest on the 24th April of ’65 by Monsignor Salvatore Baldassarri, of which he then became secretary in ’67 until ’75. He was chaplain in Sant’Agata and Torrione, then parish priest in Fornace Zarattini (in 1967) and Sant’Alberto and in 1995 in Santa Maria del Torrione. Between 82 and 85 he was also assistant general of Catholic Action. A historic collaborator of Cardinal Ersilio Tonini, he was also a diocesan master of ceremonies, director of the Culture and Social Communications Office of the Diocese and, always at the diocesan level, he worked in the liturgical and catechetical activities for years. He was also director of Ravegnana Radio. In 1997 he was appointed director of the Vatican Missionary-Ethnological Museum and moved to Rome, although he returned every weekend to serve in the Torrione parish. In 2010 he returned to the diocese and became parochial administrator of Villanova and San Marco until retirement. He was canon of the Cathedral and for some years he was also a penitentiary and commander of the Republic.

The funeral will take place on Monday first June at 4 pm in Santa Teresa and will be celebrated by the Archbishop of Ravenna-Cervia, Monsignor Lorenzo Ghizzoni.

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