Raoul Bova to Luca Palamara: “Please investigate this sentence”. Then an exchange on journalists: “They never deny”, “A plague”


Among the people who asked for help and turned to the former head of the ANM Luca Palamara, involved in a church of the Prosecutor of Perugia where prosecutors accuse him of corruption, the name of Raoul Bova. And the Corriere della Sera to report some excerpts from the conversations between the two via Whatsapp: “Please investigate this sentence, I find it an unprecedented injustice. All acquitted except me“, Reads a message sent on 25 July 2017 at 10 and 03 by the actor in Palamara who a few minutes later tries to cheer him up:”It does not end here. you don’t have to give up now“, To then add” I’m really sorry “.

Roman magistrates had asked for a one-year prison sentence for the well-known actor, accused of having escaped well 680 thousand euros in the five-year period 2005-2010. Bova asks for meetings, invites him on 30 June 2017 “to the evening I was telling you”, he replies that “he is trying to organize himself” and after proposing a “aperitif on 3”They close for a coffee on July 4th. The actor insists: “Let me know by 9 to organize the hospitality. It will be a very nice evening and as a representative of the institutions it would be a tangible sign of hope for those who want to believe in legality “, on July 5, however, the news of the request for the sentence was made known:”As usual the reporters. They never deny themselves“, Concept shared by the magistrate:” Unfortunately a plague “.

In the chats reported by the newspaper directed by Luciano Fontana, the actor is worried, even by the media repercussions: “I would like to write something publicly, many contracts are being canceled,” he wrote to Palamara. The sentence is sent on July 25th. “Valsecchi had what he wanted“, Comments Bova to which the former CSM councilor replies:” The game is not over. I’m sure your honesty will eventually come out. ” The actor is tried, he insists: “But I ask you to check if I deserved such a harsh sentence. So targeted. It was considered a premeditated maneuver. I’m in shock. But in all this the accountant has no responsibility? “, The magistrate replies:” I’ll let you know but you have to react, nothing is lost “.

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