RAI fee, how to get a refund from the Inland Revenue


The subscription fee for television (better known as the RAI license) is due by anyone who owns a television set, regardless of its use, and must be paid only once per family. The amount is 90 euros.

RAI fee in the bill: how it works

The 2016 Stability Law has decreed that the RAI license fee be paid in installments in the electricity bill: this means that it is paid by each owner of an electricity user in each home. In practice, the presumption of possession of the television set has been introduced in the event that there is a user for the supply of electricity, in the place where a person has his registered residence.

The fee then comes automatically charged to holders of electricity, and can no longer be paid with the classic postal bulletin. But be careful: in some cases, you can request a refund, regularly provided by the Revenue Agency.

Who can ask for a refund

The reimbursement of the RAI fee can be requested in the event that the debit in the bill is not due: that is, if the person who paid it does not have a television set; can benefit from the reimbursement provided for citizens over the age of 75, with an annual income not exceeding € 6,713.98; has already paid for it in another form, for example by charging the pension; o is exempt due to international conventions.

How to request a refund

How do you request it? Filling the specific model of the Revenue Agency (you can download it here), which must be used only in the event that the fee has been unduly paid following a charge on the invoice for the supply of electricity.

The application can be submitted digitally by the owner of the electricity user, by his heirs or by authorized intermediaries, by connecting to the portal made available by the Revenue Agency (here the link). The request can also be submitted physically, accompanied by a valid identification document, by registered mail to the following address: Revenue Agency – Provincial Directorate I of Turin – TV license office – PO Box 22 – 10121 Turin.

The reasons to be indicated in the application

As indicated on the Revenue Agency website, the reasons to be indicated in the application can be the following:

  • the applicant or another member of his registry family is in possession of the exemption requirements relating to the citizens who have completed the 75th year of age with total family income not exceeding 6,713.98 euros and the appropriate substitute declaration has been presented;
  • the applicant or another member of his registry family is exempt as a result of international conventions (for example, diplomats and foreign military personnel) and the appropriate substitute declaration has been presented (code 2);
  • the applicant paid the fee by charging the electricity bills, and himself or another member of his registry family he also paid in other ways, for example by charging the pension (code 3);
  • the applicant paid the fee by charging the electricity bills and the same was also paid by adebit on invoices relating to an electrical user in the name of another component of the same registry family (code 4);
  • the applicant submitted the substitute declaration of not detention of television sets by himself and the members of his registry family (code 5).

Who can use the model

The form for the reimbursement request must be completed and presented exclusively by taxpayers who are users of electricity supply users who have been charged the subscription fee for television for private use, and only in cases where the fee has been paid unduly. There is only one exception: the request for reimbursement can also be submitted by an heir, in relation to the electrical utilities addressed to a deceased subject. In this case, the personal data and the tax code of the deceased subject must be indicated in the relevant section.

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