Rabiot is not calm, Juve moves: Paratici’s counter-move


TURIN – But why doesn’t Adrien Rabiot manage to fuel even Juve? The question arises in the midst of the thousand doubts of those who watch the 25 year old train at Continassa and then only show his undoubted qualities in the game. Excluding that such difficulties are the result of a macumba designed by Paris Saint-Germain from where the midfielder went away slamming the door, rather there are those who are convinced that – to put it in the boy’s native language – les jeux sont faits, i games are done.

In the sense that this is Rabiot, take it or leave it. At this rate it is likely that Juve will naturally leave on the right conditions. In the secret rooms of the Juventus club they do not (yet) have such absolute certainty, but waiting for the real football to restart the season of the former PSG is likely to decline dangerously towards an originally unexpected end. Better to clarify: if at the end of the year there will be a break, the reason should not be sought in the delay with which the transalpine has returned to Turin.

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