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There was a cordial phone call between Sergio Mattarella is Matteo Salvini on the case of the chats of some magistrates who express very heavy judgments on the then Minister of the Interior. The head of state could not remain indifferent to an unprecedented matter: Salvini expressed amazement at the revelations of the newspaper The truth, the concern for the economic situation and also the bitterness for the heavy and instrumental attacks of some parliamentarians of the government majority against Lombardy.

In addition, the Northern League leader announced the sending of a letter: “The aversion towards me is evident – Salvini writes – to the point that one of the magistrates, while recognizing the reasons for my political action, identified in my person a target to attack regardless. Intention that was shared by other magistrates “. Among the strongest phrases that emerged from the wiretapping: “He is right but now we have to attack him”, “there is that *** of Salvini, but I hid myself”. In light of this and with the preliminary hearing at the Catania court on the horizon, where the former minister will be called to answer for the kidnapping hypothesis, trust in the judiciary is weakening more than ever. “All this affects the principle of separation of powers – underlines Salvini – and arouses in me the concrete concern of lack of serenity of judgment such as to influence the outcome of the proceedings against me “.

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