Queen Elizabeth opens the grounds of Buckingham Palace for jogging to Boris Johnson


In May i Buckingham Palace gardens they were supposed to host the wedding of Princess Beatrice of York, postponed to a date to be destined for the pandemic, but they do not remain totally unused (they are closed to the public) because now the Queen Elizabeth II he granted to the premier Boris Johnson to go there for jogging. To report the news on Telegraph who publishes a shot of Bojo in a sports outfit, with a red shirt and blue shorts, while returning to Downey Street after the race. The prime minister must perform physical activity, as indicated by his post-coronavirus convalescence program, and the palace gardens (which also have a tennis court) are perfect for ensuring adequate security for Johnson. There is no one who can disturb him, much less the royal family since His Majesty is at the Windsor castle with Filippo, Kate Middleton with William and children at Anmer Hall, in the Norfolk countryside, e Prince Charles with Camilla is located in Birkhall, the beloved estate in Scotland that belonged to the queen mother.


Elizabeth II “prisoner” in Windsor until the end of the pandemic
Only on video
Permission to other ministers

According to sources from Buckingham Palace, permission to use the gardens of the royal residence had also been offered to other prime ministers. And Johnson was also spotted jogging in the gardens of Lambeth Palace, the London residence of the Archbishop of Canterbury.


Queen Elizabeth II and her Guinness Book of Records, here are the world records she holds
She is the oldest British Queen
The queen on horseback

Even the sovereign in this time of quarantine tries to keep fit by practicing the sport she prefers, that is, riding a horse. Despite the 94 years Elisabetta proves to be always an out of the ordinary woman – not surprisingly she holds several records, such as the 72 years of marriage with Filippo – and perhaps also for this reason the subjects love her so much.

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