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The decision will be taken “only in front of the medical report numbers” expected between tonight and tomorrow. So they all repeat: from Prime Minister Conte to Ministers Boccia and Speranza.
In the government, however, the idea seems to spread that, except for sensational twists and turns, it would be “really complicated” to close the mobility of two regions: Lombardy is Piemonte. The same macro-areas where even yesterday, however, most – over two thirds – of the cases of new infections were registered.
The idea of ​​Palazzo Chigi is to reopen everything from June 3, leaving the possibility for the southern regions to “protect themselves”. How? It is not yet clear. And it will be discussed at the conference of governors scheduled in the coming days.
We need an agreement with the presidents of the South. An obvious issue, given the many clear positions of Sicily and Sardinia. Christian Solinas, for example, insists on the health certificate of negativity at Covid-19 for those who will spend their holidays on the island. A solution that does not appeal to Roberto Speranza, owner of Health. A niet reaffirmed in all ways.
From the ministry of Francesco Boccia they go even further on the possibility of the governors closing the borders to those coming from the North or applying forms of control. Article 120 of the Constitution is clear: “The Region cannot impose import or export or transit duties between the Regions, nor adopt measures that in any way obstruct the free movement of people and things between the Regions, nor limit the exercise of the right to work in any part of the national territory “.
This means that any initiative will still have to be agreed with the central government, “states and statues” cannot be created.

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Musumeci: «Sicily could reopen later. And we need a sanitary filter for tourists »

Lombardy: “You are Coronavirus case contact”. Sms terrifies citizens: «computer error»

However, there is a plan B that the government caresses. If the data from Lombardy and Piedmont were still problematic, as per the current trend, these two territories could wait a week – therefore from June 3 to 10 – to leave their borders. But with a non-trivial shrewdness. And that is the quarantine obligation in the territories reached: two weeks at home to understand if they are positive. A way to discourage travel. The ongoing debate, however, crosses with another dossier: that on the date of the vote for the six regions that have moved the electoral appointment scheduled for spring. Last night a conference was held by Minister Luciana Lamorgese with the presidents interested in the appointment. The summit ended badly: black smoke. With the dry no of Vincenzo De Luca (Campania) to vote on September 20, as instead proposed by the Interior Ministry.
A tension that has pushed, in a bipartisan way, five out of six presidents to write a letter to the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella: «The extension of the date of the regional elections, which« can only be justified for health and emergency reasons, is taking on the contours of a political decision and, we are granted, based on the convenience of a party, which in our opinion cannot justify the compression of regional legislative autonomy and the voting rights of the voters “, is the letter signed by the governors of Campania, Puglia, Veneto, Liguria and Marche, addressed to the Colle. A tension in the government that worries the executive, and above all Boccia. And that could have repercussions on the other negotiation, that of the green light to mobility scheduled for June 3. Nothing is taken for granted and Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio is also worried: “We must send clear messages for the resumption of tourism”.

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