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ROME Lazio now play in defense. The scenario, after all, is the same that was discussed on March 8, on the occasion of the first lockdown when, without anyone being scandalized, the closure of Lombardy was decided and there was an escape in the night from Milan. Then, in the central-southern regions, a period of quarantine was imposed on those returning home from the north. Well, given that by June 3 the government aims to reopen interregional travel, treating territories that have 350-380 cases per day and others, such as Basilicata or Umbria, which have zero, in the same way, there are some is ready to provide defense measures. Starting right from Lazio, where the Councilor for Health, Alessio D’Amato, the other day in an interview with Messaggero spoke of “pressure and forcing” to reopen Lombardy and the need, if the decisions do not rest on bases scientific, to provide countermeasures. There are two ideas on the table: the first is precisely the request to undergo a period of quarantine to all those who will arrive in Lazio from Lombardy and Piedmont.

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Virus, 3 cases in Rome, 16 positive in Lazio. Mini outbreak in Anzio in an RSA
Coronavirus, D’Amato: «Pressures to start the North again. Lazio think about countermeasures »

Puglia and Sicily, to give two examples, already require those who were away for study or work and return home to remain in quarantine. In the end, in Sicily, you must also run the swab. The thesis of the Lazio Region: a rash reopening of interregional travel, given the daily connections between Rome and Milan (just over three hours by train) and considering the tens of thousands of people who commute between the two cities every day, would increase the risk of a recovery of the contagions also in the capital. One figure, better than others, explains why in Lazio they are so agitated: yesterday in Rome (almost three million inhabitants) only 3 new positive cases were recorded; the difference with Milan and Lombardy is evident where, also due to the presence of many asymptomatics who have not yet been buffered, every day we travel at the rate of hundreds and hundreds of new cases. The second option, among the countermeasures to which the Lazio Region is thinking, is that of the controls at the stations, as already done in the past in many regions of the central and southern Italy. This form of defense, however, has a limit: measuring fever with the thermoscanner can represent a filter, but with limited efficacy because the asymptomatic, in fact, would not be intercepted.
A different discussion, however, would have been made if the line of prudence had passed in the government, postponing the reopening for interregional travel for another week. This scenario seems to be overcome also because it would have been difficult to explain to a citizen of Basilicata (0 cases yesterday) that he cannot go to Calabria (0 cases) because the fire of the epidemic has not yet been extinguished at almost 1,000 kilometers. The distance between Potenza and Milan is the same as between Milan and Paris.
Lazio, however, does not have in mind defensive measures such as those they are thinking of in Sardinia, where even yesterday the Councilor for Health, Mario Niedu, spoke about the health passport: «A concrete proposal that would allow us to certify the negativity to the virus for those who, from 3 June, come to us. The protection of the health of Sardinians, as well as that of tourists who choose our beautiful island as a destination for their holidays, is and remains a priority ».

In Lazio there is a fear that the government is giving in to pressure from some political circles close to the League. The line of openings to travel, the same for the whole Italian territory, denotes a different strategy from that which, in these hours, has been chosen by other nations, one for all Spain. And so yesterday on social media there were various memes that ironed: if the 350 cases per day had Calabria and if Lombardy were at zero altitude, how would they react in Milan in front of the idea of ​​equal openings for everyone?


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