Puglia, no more quarantine but those who return will have to register


BARI – The quarantine for those returning to Puglia is over. Starting on Wednesday, when the Dpcm sanctions the reopening of the “borders”, the Region will not renew the ordinance to impose the 14 days of voluntary isolation. In all likelihood there will be a softer mechanism: those arriving will be asked to register on a web page.

The quarantine tool has so far worked quite well with respect to the objective for which it was designed: in phase 2 only it allowed to discover two asymptomatic patients, who returned to Puglia from Lombardy and Piedmont, thanks to the telephone interviews to which these people (one of the Barese and one from Tarantino) were submitted after the return report. The calls revealed contact with sick people, which led to swabs being made with a positive response. But from now on – it is the reasoning of the Region – imposing isolation would entail a vulnus in the overall strategy for economic recovery: it would in fact mean damaging tourism which instead points precisely to movements from the rest of Italy. Discos cannot be reopened – this is the line – and those who arrive cannot be moved.

The President of the Region, Michele Emiliano, also spoke about it yesterday, after having supported this position in the videoconference meetings with Palazzo Chigi. “The time has come to reopen the country under normal conditions and the condition of fundamental normality is the freedom of movement,” said the governor to explain the Puglia line that said it was favorable to the approach announced by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, and that already in the last week – with the support of the epidemiologist Pier Luigi Lopalco – he had made available the experimentation of the Immuni app, the one that should serve to make it easier to reconstruct the contacts of those infected. ¬ęGovernors do not have the power to close their Regions. To guarantee freedom of movement, I cannot ask for a rule that is not imposed by the Dpcm. We can, for example, ask those who arrive to report their presence and to remember the contacts they have with the local population or with other people. While before we have quarantined everyone, now we have to understand how to immediately quarantine any infected people and their close contacts. The Immuni app serves this purpose. If someone arrives in Puglia we could ask him for the courtesy, not the obligation, to report his presence and keep track of the contacts “.

Those who return until Tuesday, therefore, must continue to follow the rules in force, and those who have started the “return” quarantine must also complete it. The ASL Prevention Departments carry out checks: an automatic call asks those who are in isolation every day if they have recorded suspicious symptoms, and in the case of an affirmative answer, a doctor intervenes who carries out the required protocols. And although there is no mechanism for transmitting the names of those in solitary confinement to law enforcement agencies, violation of the obligation can also have serious consequences. But the line of the Region is that compliance with the rules (from those on distancing, to sectoral ones concerning beaches, accommodation, economic activities) is alone sufficient to guarantee an acceptable level of safety. In Puglia, the Rt parameter (the number of infections triggered by each infected person) in the past week was 0.62, and it is on this value that the assessments were made for the reopening of travel between Regions: the start of the phase -2 so far has not detonated the infections.

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