PS5 VS Xbox Series X, are pre-orders in Northern Europe 10 to 1 for the Sony console? –


SS5 beats Xbox Series X in preorder in northern Europe with a ratio of 10 to 1, as reported on the Resetera forum by a person who claims to work for one of the most important online retailers in the Nordic countries.

According to this source, the total of reservations of PlayStation 5 between Norway, Sweden and Denmark in the first month of the preorder opening it would currently amount to 4,413 units, against the 444 of the Xbox Series X.

The figure, which obviously will be verified, is particularly interesting when compared with the first month of preorder by PS4 at the same chain, which registered 2,816 reservations: about half of the new platform.

As a further curiosity, the source revealed that the price established as a placeholder for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X reservations, it is currently set at the equivalent of approximately $ 999.

Apparently this is a method already widely tested in Northern Europe, which the source has confirmed to be an area historically very fond of the PlayStation brand.

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