PS5: the remake of Demon’s Souls may be announced during the Sony event


Needless to turn around so much, the Souls series represents a very important piece within the gaming landscape that has contributed to making significant changes within the market that, at the time, very few would have expected. With a stroke of genius at the right time, the guys from From Software managed to revive the importance of the challengeof difficulty as a key element of a playful experience. Many rightly identify the Dark Souls trilogy as worthy of this revolution, but in reality we should look even further.

Not everyone in fact knows that Souls’ is a series consisting of four titles, with the first of these being released exclusively on Playstation 3. We are obviously talking about that Demon’s Souls arrived on the market in a state in the rough and with various basic naivety, a sort of “draft” for what the genre would later become, but still a production of great value that has been able to gather around a large audience of very fond fans.

Well, during 2019, numerous rumors began to emerge that seemed to see the Bluepoint Games team – deserving to have given shape to some highly appreciated remakes – at work on a remake of Demon’s Souls, with the release expected even at the launch of SS5. Despite this, however, the software house has never confirmed anything and the rumors about it have been lost in total silence, a situation that however could soon change radically.

On Twitter, in fact, the famous journalist Jason Schreier has let himself go to some statements related to the long-awaited PlayStation 5 themed event scheduled for June 4 at 22:00, especially stating that during the whole, space will be given both to exclusive games than third party titles. However, what made a lot of talk was a particular reply message, written by a user who asked if the Demon’s Souls remake would also be present in the Sony line-up. The reporter did not respond to the message, but in return has left a like on the tweet, a sign that many have interpreted as a possible confirmation of the whole.

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