PS5, Sony raises expectations for the June 4 event: “like E3”


In a series of press releases, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan raised expectations for the June 4 event, which will be the first public presentation of SS5.

As with the Inside Xbox on May 7, this will presumably be a presentation linked to the first games confirmed for the Japanese company’s next-gen console.

And, as for that Inside Xbox, the risk of generating discontent for a performance of the event under the expectations of fans is very high.

But this, apparently, doesn’t scare Ryan, who spoke to colleagues on some portals in recent days has invited fans to be as excited as they would be for an E3.

“Normally”, explained the PlayStation boss to BBC, referring to the consequences of COVID-19, which led to the cancellation of E3 2020 in which Sony would not have participated in any case, you’d be in some auditorium in Los Angeles with 2,000 other people. You could cut adrenaline and testosterone with a knife. “

“We have to find a way to shake the community up a bit. When you see the show next week, I think you will see that we managed to do it », he added on the performance of the next-gen games for PS5.

PS5, Sony raises expectations for the event on June 4: & # 8220; like the E3 & # 8221;

Ryan has offered comments similar to GamesIndustry International, underlining how it was not an isolated case but a real attempt to raise expectations for the Sony showcase.

“This is the challenge I have put to the teams: try to excite the community, to those 100 million people – and all the people who don’t have a PlayStation we’d like to talk to – as they would be if they were in the E3 auditorium, or if they were looking at the direct one », was his statement, where the 100 million are the buyers (by default) of a PS4 from launch to today.

The picture that comes out of the presentation of the event on June 4 is, in short, that of a Sony that absolutely does not want to keep expectations as low as Microsoft has regretted not having done.

PS5, Sony raises expectations for the event on June 4: & # 8220; like the E3 & # 8221;

It will be, however, only the first appointment with PS5: the rumors want a State of Play scheduled for August, and Ryan seemed to confirm these rumors when he spoke openly about other occasions from here to the launch of the console to discuss the plans Sony’s next-gen.

It is no coincidence that the platform design as well as its price have not yet been defined and, in what appears to be a war of nerves with the Xbox Series X, they may have to wait a little longer.

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