PS5: Sony exclusives will not be compatible with PlayStation 4


The wait has been extremely long, but finally it seems that the great moment has finally come. After a general silence from Sony, the Japanese company has finally confirmed the imminent arrival of a new PlayStation 5-themed event during which all interested parties will be able to discover future plans by Sony. For the moment it has not yet been explained what will be shown specifically, but the company has kept us informed that the event will be dedicated especially to video games, both those made by First Party studios and those related to third party studios.

As easily imaginable, immediately after the announcement Sony began to unbutton its shirt a little, outlining its strategy for what will concern the Next-Gen. In particular, the company has kept us from specifying not be interested in making PlayStation 5 exclusives that are compatible with PlayStation 4, in fact explaining that the strategy adopted by Microsoft with its Xbox Series X – console that will not present “generational exclusives” for the first two years since its release – is not a tactic that the Japanese company is interested in following. Specifically, Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, said:

“In our opinion, people should create games capable of making the most of the functionality of the new architectures … whether it’s the DualSense controller, 3D audio, or the multiple ways the SSD can be used. We think it’s time to give the PlayStation community something new, something different, which can only really be enjoyed on PS5. Having said that, we know we have a certain responsibility in serving the entire PlayStation 4 community even after the launch of PlayStation 5; after all, it represents a great commercial opportunity for the company. “

In short, according to what was stated, Sony would have very clear ideas on how to manage the future of the PlayStation brand, a rather clear generational leap that Microsoft is trying to make less traumatic. At the same time, however, the Japanese company does not seem to want to immediately abandon the PS4 user, although everything could be mostly related to the release of cross-platform titles also on Old-Gen for a couple of years, without a real commitment from Sony to release other exclusive titles on its console.

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