PS5, Silent Hill designer Masahiro Ito re-reads Sony’s announcement –


Thinking badly (in this case, good) you sin, but often you guess. In recent weeks several rumors have chased about a possible return of silent Hill. A return that would be linked to double delivery with Sony and the launch of PlayStation 5. These suspects can only return to the surface after Masahiro Ito, the designer and illustrator of the series, has decided to retweet the announcement of the reveal event of SS5, the one dedicated to games.

Masahiro Ito, the mind that created the twisted and unforgettable creatures of Silent Hill, appreciated the announcement made by Sony a few hours ago, which will soon show what PS5 is capable of. There would be nothing wrong, except that in the last few weeks the same Ito has ended up several times inside rumor and speculation related to the launch of PlayStation 5 and Silent Hill.

We have, in fact, talked about a possible Sony reboot with the original creators involved in the project, as well as it is said that Silent Hill will arrive on PS5 exclusively. It’s just speculation or unconfirmed rumors, but seeing Ito promptly retweet this event makes us at least think he’s interested in the show. As a gamer or because directly interested?

We will follow the PS5 reveal starting in the morning with a long marathon: Silent Hill would be a nice way to end the evening. Dreaming, on the other hand, costs nothing.

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