PS5: presentation date “confirmed” by Schreier


In recent weeks, the web has been literally haunted by rumors and rumors about an upcoming PlayStation 5 presentation. According to these rumors, Sony would have prepared a digital event entirely dedicated to the reveal of PS5 which will be broadcast in the first days of June. There are those who even ventured to give a date, that of June 4, but no confirmation has ever arrived from the Japanese company.

Now it is Jason Schreier to unbalance. The former Kotaku journalist who now writes for Bloomberg said in a recent article that thedigital event on PS5 could arrive next June 3. Following this highly anticipated appointment, there would also be several other events that will be scattered in the weeks following the presentation of the console, since Sony will not want to reveal every single detail of PlayStation 5 in a single appointment.

Schreier wanted to add that until the time of an official announcement from Sony, the date may change given that the plans within the company are still in constant evolution and it is difficult to have a definitive confirmation.

The only sure thing at the moment is that all the attention from the public and professionals has been gravitating on PS5 for some time. If June 3 is really the date of the presentation of PlayStation 5 we will find out very soon. What do you think of Jason Schreier’s recent statements about PS5? Do you think that the first days of June we will really have some more news on Sony’s next gen console?

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