PS5, free upgrades of PS4 games will depend on developers and publishers, according to an insider –


SS5 still has several points to clarify, but one that is particularly dear to users is the management of any free upgrades to use i games already released on PS4 also on PS5, or something similar to the Smart Delivery of the Xbox Series X, which according to an insider would also be provided for the Sony console even if not in its own way.

First of all attention: the insider in question is the notorious Tidux, whose information and supposed “leak” historian tells us to take his utterances with extreme caution, given that it was not exactly foolproof, let’s say. In any case, he continues in some way to be a character followed by a large number of people and in the absence of contrary evidence we cannot exclude that he does not have access to some confidential information, in certain cases.

At this juncture, Tidux claimed that it PS5 Smart Delivery, classically identified as cross-buy, it largely depends on developers and publishers. “PlayStation realizes the extra costs that requires developing a game on the next gen platform and doesn’t want to put developers in trouble because of a marketing issue,” says the insider. In any case, he added, “most developers and publishers seem to be willing to offer free upgrades to PS5.”

The question concerns i cross-gen games, which therefore will be available on the market in two different formats for PS4 and PS5, probably with different characteristics. Microsoft has already presented its Smart Delivery system, which will allow for example to automatically obtain the Xbox Series X version of the same game that we already own in the Xbox One version, as we have also seen for Cyberpunk 2077. Even in the case of Microsoft there is no is the certainty that the initiative is extended to all cross-gen games, but as far as Sony is concerned, nothing official is known about its operation. This is also why we await the presumed presentation of PS5 in June to get some more precise information.

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