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There backward compatibility of SS5 may not be available at console launch and will be limited only for supported games. On the official website of PlayStation 5, in fact, a phrase that has now been removed suggests that not all PS4 games will be supported by the next-gen console and that this functionality is also subject to an update of the operating system.

The update of the official PS5 website makes us think that the presentation of the console is coming soon. And with it all the information that is still missing on the highly anticipated Sony next-gen. One of the things that most interests gamers is knowing if and how PlayStation 5 will handle it backward compatibility with previous PlayStation. If on the one hand it is said that the Smart Delivery on PS5 will be revealed in the event of June 3, on the other it seems that the possibility of running PS4 games is not a feature available at launch.

The official PS5 website, in fact, previously reported the following sentence, now removed: “Play the supported video games from the PS4 catalog with a system update“. From this simple sentence infertherefore, both that not all PS4 games will be compatible, and that the consoles that have left the factory will not be able to run the PS4 software. A system update will be needed.

The fact that the site no longer reports this information casts doubt: it is incorrect news or simply Sony is keeping it hidden in view of the official announcement? However, very little should be missing and all doubts should be dispelled.

Would this backwards compatibility information pose a problem for you?

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