PS5 and exclusives, former Xbox Mike Ybarra approves Sony’s choice –


SS5 will adopt a precise strategy with regard to exclusive, avoiding cross-gen productions as Microsoft intends to do instead: a choice that Mike Ybarra, former corporate vice president of Xbox, approves.

“I like the idea of ​​owning a platform equipped with the latest technologies, which repays my investment in the best possible way,” wrote Ybarra on Twitter, in this further endorsement of PlayStation 5 after the January statements, in which he said he preferred PS5 over the Xbox Series X.

“This approach also cuts production time, allowing developers to focus on optimizing the game for a single system. The only counterproductive aspect is to refer to a lower installed base.”

This element obviously represents the reason why practically none of the third parties will realize exclusive specifications for PS5 and Xbox Series X: to cover the costs counting only on the owners of the new consoles would be impossible.

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